Opportunità di tirocinio curricolare come Bureau Team Intern presso Global Action Italy

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Data di pubblicazione:
18 Settembre 2023
Data di scadenza:
20 Ottobre 2023

Si segnala opportunità di tirocinio curricolare come Bureau Team Intern presso Global Action Italy, riportando di seguito la richiesta dell’azienda.

Global Action is a voluntary non-profit organization established in 2016 in Rome. Its main aim is
to develop and manage international programs for young people in the field of diplomacy, in order
to unite all those who share the ideal of human solidarity.

General Description of the post

Global Action is currently looking for Bureau Team Interns to assist the Senior Staff in the
implementation of the project Diplomacy EducationⓇ, as well as all other international events
carried out by the Organization.

The main duties and responsibilities of the Intern will be:

  • to provide administrative and logistical support for Global Action’s initiatives, events,
    conferences, panels, seminars and workshops;
  • to assist the Senior Staff in all communications and institutional relationships with
    Diplomats, Institutional Representatives, School Administrators and Teachers, and Global
    Action’s Public and Private Partners;
  • to coordinate all steps of Global Action’s projects, from their early stages to their final
    practical implementation;
  • to draft reports, background guidelines, and memoranda about international political
  • to update Global Action’s databases via Google Drive and Monday platform.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Student status throughout the duration of the whole internship;
  • presence in Rome throughout the duration of the whole internship;
  • interest and/or academic background in International Relations, Political Science,
    International Law or International Economics (either Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree);
  • interest and/or background in Rome-based International Community, including
    Embassies, UN Agencies, Public and Private Institutions (no previous working experience
    is required);
  • excellent oral and written communication skills in both Italian and English (fluency in
    either Spanish or French – as well as in any other language – will be considered an asset);
  • mandatory advanced and confident usage of IT tools for the correct development of
    Global Action’s activities (365 Office package, Google Drive, and Video Conference
  • strong sense of open-mindedness towards other cultures and backgrounds and deep
    appreciation of diversity;
  • outstanding organizational and time management skills aimed at working under pressure
    and respecting tight deadlines;
  • strong sense of teamwork, proactivity and flexibility.

Schedule/Working Hours

The Intern is expected to be available to fulfill his/her tasks on time, in accordance with the established deadlines. While part of the activities can be managed from home, mandatory presence will be required to ensure meetings with Schools and Embassies, as well as all other training and events necessary to ensure Global Action’s initiatives. Global Action remains committed to respect the Intern’s needs and to try to tailor, whether possible, his/her working hours accordingly.
The Intern’s performance will be continuously assessed during the internship. Global Action reserves the right to re-assign the Intern to different tasks or, in the worst-case scenario (e.g., poor attendance to Global Action’s projects or misbehavior towards Global Action’s partners), interrupt the internship.

Details of the internship

The main activities of Global Action are carried out between mid-October 2023 and June 2024,
following the academic year of high schools.
Global Action is unable to offer paid internships. Nevertheless, the Organization is committed to
grant, whether available, the Intern the possibility to:

  • access Embassies and Partners’ events;
  • expand his/her professional network by becoming part of an international team made up
    of young and committed people;
  • enter in contact with high-level international and national officials, such as UN Staff,
    Diplomats, NGO and IGO Members, etc.;
  • deepen his/her knowledge on ongoing global issues and strengthen his/her skills for
    future working experiences.

Si invitano gli interessati a inviare entro e non oltre il 20 ottobre 2023 il proprio CV corredato da lettera motivazionale (entrambi in inglese) a Intership Application GLOBAL ACTION (jotform.com). I candidati selezionati riceveranno un’e-mail per un colloquio da remoto o in presenza (si invita a controllare anche la casella Spam).

Si informa inoltre che nel CV deve essere chiaramente indicata l’autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati personali ai sensi del Regolamento (UE) 2016/679 in materia di protezione di dati personali GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in assenza della quale le candidature non saranno prese in considerazione.

L’ufficio placement e tirocini informa inoltre che i dati saranno oggetto di trattamento nel rispetto dei principi di liceità e correttezza dettati dal suddetto GDPR. Con l’invio del proprio CV si autorizza lo stesso ufficio alla trasmissione all’azienda/ente indicata/o nel riferimento.

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