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Events, conferences and meetings

Project dissemination events

Translating Europe Workshop: Eurolects: language contact and variational dynamics across European legislative corpora (24 ottobre 2017)

Workshop organised by the European Commission as part of the "Translating Europe Workshop" series. It will focus on the main outcomes of the Eurolect Observatory Research Project (phase 1: 2013-2016) devoted to the intralingual analysis of legislative varieties in 11 Member States: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Maltese, Polish and Spanish.

Eurolect Observatory Workshop
(Bruxelles, 9-10 giugno 2015)


Worskhop organised by the European Commission’s DG Translation as part of the "Translating Europe Workshop" series. The research group gave an overview of the project to the language experts of the European institutions (including translators, lawyer-linguists and quality managers) and discussed the preliminary results of the Eurolect Observatory project.. (Report >>)

Translating Europe Forum
(Bruxelles, 29-30 Ottobre 2015) 

Poster presentation based on the MA dissertation by Elisa Giummarra (UNINT graduate) Gender discrimination and sexism in language: an interlingual and intralingual analysis of a trilingual corpus of EU directives (English, Italian and Spanish), developed within the framework of the Eurolect project. (Poster >>)


Lectures and conference papers on project-related themes

Blini, Lorenzo. Conference paper (key-note speaker), Euroletto spagnolo e varietà giuridica nazionale a confronto. (Spanish Eurolect and national legal Spanish compared). 

  International Study Day “Translation problems through languages and genres”, Roma Tre University, 28 November 2014

Blini, Lorenzo. Lecture (guest speaker): Eurolecto español y variedad jurídica nacional (Spanish Eurolect and national legal variety)

  Department of Spanish and Romance Philology, University of Malaga, 12 November 2015

Megale, Fabrizio. Lecture (guest speaker): La transposition parlementaire des directives européennes: aspects linguistiques et traductologiques (Parliamentary transposition of European directives: linguistic and translational aspects)

  Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Geneva, 13 November 2015

Mori, Laura.Lecture (guest speaker): Osservatorio sull’euroletto. Analisi interlinguistica e intralinguistica delle varietà giuridiche in contesto UE (The Eurolect Observatory. Interlingual and intralingual analysis of EU legal varieties).

  Department of Spanish and Romance Philology, University of Malaga, 12 November 2015 


Research group meetings

Throughout 2014 there were regular research group meetings among UNINT project members, with the participation of foreign colleagues via remote conferencing. The main aim of this phase was to compile the necessary corpora in the 11 project languages.

26 January 2015 (UNINT, Rome): first plenary meeting of the Research Group, with the participation of at least 1 member for each of the 11 languages involved in the project. The aims of this meeting were as follows: corpus presentation; discussion of a common analysis template and definition of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

10 June 2015 (DGT, Brussels): plenary Group meeting to discuss feedback on the TEW presentations and plan future activities (dissemination events and publications).

17 September 2015 (UNINT, Rome): Adriano Ferraresi, University of Bologna at Forlì “Corpus analysis tecniques and tools: the Eurolect Observatory Multilingual Corpus”. Workshop for UNINT members of the research group.

22 March 2016 (UNINT, Rome): plenary Group meeting to discuss research results for the 11 languages and compare them, with a view to ending the first phase of the project.


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