Department of international humanities and social sciences

The Department of International Humanities and Social Sciences, established in September 2023, is responsible for the organization and coordination of the bachelor's and master's degree courses relating to it and for the promotion of research and third mission/social impact activities carried out by the staff teacher and researcher. 
In line with the mission and the guidelines established by the University, the Department's activity is aimed at creating an academic environment suitable for promoting interdisciplinary scientific dialogue, a global vision of social phenomena, the centrality of the person in processes of processing and transmission of knowledge and the quality of teaching activities and the university experience as a whole.

Department bodies

As provided for by art. 12 of the UNINT Statute, the Department bodies are:

  • the director of the Department;
  • the presidents of the study course councils;
  • the Department Council.


The affiliation of academic and research staff to the Department is determined by the Board of Directors, after consulting the Academic Senate, on the basis of criteria of homogeneity/affinity of the Department with the teaching and research activity of the teacher and taking into account the size and specificity of the University. A student representative also participates in the Department Council, elected from among the representatives of the relevant study courses.

Alessandro De Nisco

Management secretary: Sabrina Sacco

First level professors:

Simonetta Bartolini
Fabio Cintioli
Alessandro De Nisco
Antonella Ercolani
Francisco De Asis Matte Bon
Laura Mori
Anna Carla Nazzaro
Giuseppe Pisicchio
Mariagrazia Russo
Ciro Sbailò
Sara Trucco

Second level professors:

Amedeo Argentiero
Pierluigi Belvisi
Cristina Benicchi
Lorenzo Luca Piero Blini
Daniele Domenico Bloisi
Danilo Breschi
Valentina Carfora
Stefania Cerrito
Alessandro Frolli
Angelo Iacovella
Tiziana Lioi
Benedetta Lubrano
Giada Mainolfi
Daniele Niedda
Luciano Nieddu
Salvatore Patera
Lucilla Pizzoli
Marco Romano
Luca Simione
Sanja Vlahovic

Permanent researchers:

Ulderico Parente
Fabio Proia
Annalisa Sandrelli
Isabella Valentini

Fixed-term researchers:

Alessandro Aloisio
Myriam Caratù
Andrea De Petris
Maria Serena Felici
Fabrizio Gallai
Antonio Iovanella
Najla Kalach
Giulia Scardozzi

Student representative

Alessandra Amelio (L-18)