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Support UNINT

This year, the total proceeds from the “five [or eight] per thousand” (voluntary tax-exempt contributions in citizens' annual income tax returns – 0.5% or 0.8%), donated to UNINT, will go to fund the fight against COVID-19

You can indicate that you want to make a donation of five or eight per thousand on the form CUD, 730/01, Unique Model “natural person”. This entails no additional expenditure. Please enter our tax identification code 97136680580 and sign in the “Finanziamento agli Enti della Ricerca Scientifica e della Università” area, to devolve the amount to UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI INTERNAZIONALI DI ROMA (UNINT). The five and eight per thousand donation options are not mutually exclusive, therefore you are free to make both donations.

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