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The University supports the centrality of students, pays the utmost attention to their expectations and provides guidelines for a rational allocation of resources aimed at managing and organizing user-oriented services.


UNINT is committed in providing its students with a quality university life. This is evidenced by several initiatives; among them, the possibility given to students to attend classes both in person and in live streaming according to their needs, starting from the AY 2020/2021. Students may autonomously choose day by day from the two modalities provided. The parallel delivery of in-person and live streaming classes has not led to any change in the University's training model. It continues to be firmly anchored to the value of dialogue as an essential element for individual and collective development. Such a teaching model increases the accessibility and improves the quality of university life, allowing a more autonomous management of students’ own learning time and space. Students who choose to attend all or part of the classes in live streaming have the opportunity to intervene and interact remotely with their teachers and colleagues as they would do in person.

UNINT is committed to guaranteeing the usability of services as an important additional component to teaching activities. In fact, services improve the university experience. They are articulated in the areas indicated below.

The University carries out orientation activities for students both before and after enrolment. Students are provided with the assistance and guidance they need to make the right academic decisions, on the basis of their personal skills and career opportunities, even after graduation.

After graduation, students are helped in the transition from University to the job market. Career guidance activities include: the reporting of internship and job opportunities; a careful assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each student or graduate; and a guide to enhance their professional profile. Students and graduates are introduced to the active search for work, and encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to adopt personal branding strategies through the use of self-marketing tools. Career guidance activities take the form of individual meetings, thematic seminars, and meetings at the University with companies and institutions. The University is connected to the world of work through the Placement Office. It is constantly committed to stipulating new agreements in order to progressively expand its network and activate an increasing number of curricular and extracurricular internships in Italy and abroad.

The University provides several IT services, among them

  • UNINT Card: it is a student ID equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology, not intended as a substitute for the student’s record book. It aims at simplifying and speeding up access to the services offered by UNINT during the university experience;
  • the Everywhere, platform, where the University provides live streaming classes;
  • the UNINTouch app: it can be downloaded for free from the App Store for IOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices;
  • the Intouch platform, where students may consult the timetable for each Degree programme, course or professor;
  • the online management of the university career (display of the courses offered by the University; enrolment in the Degree programmes and / or other courses; display of tuition fees and MAVs; compilation of study plans; display of course programmes and teachers' contacts; display and booking of exams; display of the Graduation application form and other certificates; self-certificates);
  • a wireless internet connection within the University premises designed to ensure ease of access, and adequate security and confidentiality of connections;
  • the membership of the Eduroam network (Education Roaming), which allows access to the computer network of federated Universities (Italian and foreign), through connection to the wi-fi network;
  • the University webmail service thanks to which users are allowed to consult, using a web browser, their personal e-mail box at any time and in any place;
  • the possibility for students to install on their personal devices (up to a maximum of 5 times) the Office 365 ProPlus package;
  • 6 computer labs, over 180 PC workstations and 48 booth stations for simultaneous interpretation;
  • the possibility to use multifunction printers (MFPs) and/or computer lab stations for photocopying or printing 400 copies per month;
  • the membership of the IDEM federation (IDEntity Management for federated access). It is the federation for authentication and authorization of the GARR network.

In order to guarantee equal learning opportunities to people with disabilities, the University provides blind and dyslexic students with computer supports suited to their needs, including video magnifiers and software for voice reading, Braille printers, scanners suitable for digitizing textbooks and software for dyslexics.

UNINT has a private university library. It was established at the same time as the University and has developed its own bibliographic resources in accordance with UNINT educational programmes and academic research. This explains the library’s more than adequate response to the information needs of its users, in providing a unique corpus of translating and interpreting studies in Rome, and acting as reference point for national and international academics. Moreover, the University library takes part in the National Library Service with the Polo/IEI-Cultural Institutes in Rome and the Archivio Collettivo Nazionale dei Periodici (ACNP). The library offers several services, among which: (a) a Reading Room with a capacity of 100. It is open to academic staff, students, administrative staff, and all those who wish to consult the library corpus for study purposes; (b) the intra-library loan; (c) the inter-library loan: UNINT academic staff, students, and administrative staff can request documents which are not included in the University Library corpus, but are housed in other libraries and cultural institutions in Italy; (d) a bibliography assistance service including but not limited to: the description of the Library online catalogue and its functions; the review of the most significant national and international OPACs; and the retrieval of primary and secondary resources, useful for writing a dissertation; (e) several catalogues (UNINT catalogue, Catalogo del Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale Biblioteche Italiane, Karlsruhe Virtual Katalog, Catalogo Centro Studi Americani) and databases (Business Source Elite, Ebook Collection della EBSCO, Frantex, Political Science Complete, Statista); (f) available resources such as CNKI Exploratory and Collaborative Studies Platform 研学平台 (ECSP) - a platform that offers digital research and consultation services in the CNKI, China National Knowledge Infrastructure. In addition to the electronic resources provided by UNINT, it is now possible to make free use of the databases and other services offered by the Library of Centro di Studi Americani (CSA), thanks to the Convention signed with it by UNINT.

The multimedia catalogue of the library provides the initiative "Studying texts with their authors", designed to offer students a presentation of the books they may use to prepare for exams. The video presentations are prepared by the authors themselves or by scholars who are experts in the topic covered by the text. They aim at offering a description of the contents of the book, with particular attention to the aspects that may arouse greater interest among students. The initiative is curated by Prof. Lucilla Pizzoli, UNINT professor of Italian Linguistics (lucilla.pizzoli@unint.eu).

The University has agreements in place with commercial partners that provide UNINT students, academic and technical and administrative staff with several benefits: these partners include hotels, sports centres, theatres, beauty centres, clothing stores, bookshops and banks. For further information, visit Student Deals & Discounts.

The University is particularly committed to offering services and assistance to international students. These include but are not limited to: (a) support in obtaining a visa; (b) identification of the most suitable courses to be attended at the host university; (c) transmission of any useful information to make the experience in Italy easier; (d) organization of welcome meetings aimed at promoting the integration of mobility students within the university community; (e) provision of Italian language courses dedicated to foreign students; (f) identification and recruitment of buddies. Buddies are UNINT students who, on a voluntary basis, decide to assist mobility students by supporting them in all the necessary bureaucratic formalities.

Being a buddy allows UNINT students to provide a service and at the same time benefit from it. In fact, this experience favours personal and cultural growth, and allows students to acquire linguistic mastery in an alternative and effective way.

As part of the services offered to off-site students, the University guarantees support in finding housing, providing full assistance in all its steps. The service is offered by a company that has an agreement with the University and is reserved for students enrolled at the University or undertaking an international mobility at it. In order to make it easier to find the most suitable apartment for students’ needs, a constantly updated list of available accommodations is provided on the University website.

The University hosts a cafeteria/canteen that offers meals at a special price and provides a takeaway box service. The cafeteria/canteen also represents a meeting point for the University community outside meal times.

Moreover, several areas are dedicated to individual and group study, as well as to moments of leisure. They represent fundamental spaces of aggregation for the University community. In addition to these areas, there is a park equipped with chairs, tables and gazebos and a space for sports activities.


The University is a meeting place where you can learn and express your capabilities, connect with academics and students, and grow harmoniously. On the basis of this principle UNINT decided to give voice to students’ own ideas, since they are the real protagonists of their university experience. The result was the innovative initiative UNINTRAPRENDENZA, an initiative promoted by the University, which funds educational, cultural, artistic, sport, leisure and social activities, all entirely devised and managed by the students.


As a central component in the University life, students are represented in UNINT governing and assessment bodies. Students representatives are part of: (a) Board of Directors; (b) Faculty Councils; (c) Equal Opportunities Committee; (d) Third Mission Committee; (e) Quality Office; (f) Staff-Student Joint Committees; (g) Quality Assurance – Management Groups.


The University pays the utmost attention to students’ legitimate expectations. This is why an annual survey on student opinions is carried out. This a fundamental part of the activities of the Evaluation Team, and it is conducted on all the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes of the University. For the complete list of Student Opinions Analysis of the four last Academic Years, please visit the section Quality and Control.


In order to continuously improve, the University activated new mechanisms for monitoring the level of user satisfaction. These include the creation of a Suggestion Box Form on the Everywhere platform. It allows University users to send anonymous suggestions relating to: teaching, research, third mission, internationalization, services and infrastructures, academic and technical and administrative staff. To send suggestions, simply log in to Everywhere.

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