Quality Control and Transparency

The Assessment Team is a self-governing review and evaluation body whose tasks (as referred to in Article 2, paragraph 1 of Law No 240/2010) are governed by Article 18 of the current Statute of the University. In collaboration with the Support Office and in constant contact with the structures and entities involved in evaluation procedures, this body has the task of verifying the effectiveness, efficiency and correct use of resources in management operations by these structures responsible for teaching and research.
The Assessment Team is also responsible for evaluating the quality and productivity of research conducted within, or promoted by, the University. The Assessment Team monitors the adequacy of the educational programme in relation to the levels and types of study courses using the quantitative and qualitative indicators provided by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research - MIUR, and the parameters approved by the Academic Senate. This body is also tasked with preparing periodic evaluation reports to be shared with national evaluation bodies via the University website.
The body expresses evaluations and opinions under the current legislation’s qualitative, quantitative and transparency requirements, and works to increase the assessment score results; it hence conducts anonymous student opinion surveys periodically. The Assessment Team formulates proposals to the bodies of the University to promote the development of actions that will strengthen the University’s educational programme and scientific research, and will optimise the existing structures. The body sends an annual report detailing its activities to the Rector and the Board of Directors.


Prof.ssa Emilia Fiandra, President
Dott. Massimo Maria Amorosini, Member
Dott. Giovanni Criscuoli, Member
Prof. Francesco De Antoni, Member
Prof. Stefano Paneforte, Member

The Quality Bureau, complying with current legislation, organises and verifies Quality Assurance procedures for all university teaching and research activities. The Bureau supervises the updating of the information contained in the SUA-CdS (i.e. the Italian “Scheda Unica Annuale”) of each course of study and in the SUA-Research of each university department. It also oversees the Review of Study Courses activities, organises the information flow to and from the Evaluation Team and the student-teacher Joint Committees, and evaluates the effectiveness and actual outcomes of improvement actions.


Prof. Pier Luigi Belvisi, Head
Dott. Armando Bonanni, Administrative Director
Prof. Angelo Iacovella, Professor
Prof.ssa Lucilla Pizzoli, Professor
Prof. Massimo Vizzaccaro, Professor
Dott. Giuseppe Amleto Urciuoli, Staff
Dott. Mattia Pennella, Student Representative
Dott.ssa Martina Di Francesco, Student Representative

The Joint Committee consists of an equal number of teachers and students and takes the role of the University's primary internal evaluator of educational activities. The purpose of the Joint Commission is to ensure a comprehensive quality assurance monitoring and create an annual report on the basis of:
a) information contained in the Single Annual Course of Study Form and in the Review Reports;
b) results of the Student Opinion Surveys;
c) additional documents which may be considered useful for the purposes of the analysis.

The annual reports are collected by the Quality Bureau, which submits them to the University Assessment Team and the Academic Senate.

Faculty of Economics Members

Prof. Giandomenico Boffi, Presidente
Prof. Luciano Nieddu, Member
Prof.ssa Sara Trucco, Member
Luca Arlotti, Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business Management Student Representative
Dott. Lorenzo Maria Nati, Master's Degree in Economics and International Management Student Representative
Dott.ssa Martina Galluzzi, Master's Degree in Economics and International Management Student Representative

Faculty of Interpreting and Translation Members

Prof.ssa Simonetta Bartolini, Head
Prof.ssa Claudia Monacelli, Member
Prof. Daniele Niedda, Member
Silvia Noli, Bachelor's Degree in Languages for Interpreting and Translation Student Representative
Dott.ssa Martina Lussana, Master's Degree in Languages for Intercultural Communication and Teaching Student Representative
Dott.ssa Tania Gulin, Master's Degree in Interpreting and Translation Student Representative

Faculty of Interpreting and Translation

Bachelor's Degree Programme
Prof. Angelo Iacovella
Prof. Fabio Proia
Prof.ssa Mariagrazia Russo
Prof.ssa Novella Novelli
Prof. Giuseppe Parlato
Dott.ssa Anna Maria Moccia
Dott. Amleto Giuseppe Urciuoli
Claudia Lorenti
Veronica Battista
Alessandra Semeraro

Master's Degree Programme
Prof.ssa Novella Novelli
Prof.ssa Mariagrazia Russo
Dott.ssa Annalisa Sandrelli
Prof. Giuseppe Parlato
Prof. Fabio Proia
Dott. Francesco Ferracci
Dott. Mario Grassi
Dott.ssa Sabrina Sbaccanti

Faculty of Economics

Bachelor's Degree Programme
Prof. Roberto Guida
Prof.ssa Sara Trucco
Daniela Cecchini
Dott.ssa Valentina Miglio
Dott.ssa Anna Maria Moccia
Ylenia Urbino

Master's Degree Programme
Dott.ssa Benedetta Lubrano
Dott.ssa Giada Mainolfi
Prof.ssa Sara Trucco
Daniela Cecchini
Dott.ssa Valentina Miglio
Dott.ssa Anna Maria Moccia
Dott. Nicolae Tatar