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In more than 20 years of experience, the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – UNINT has provided professionals with knowledge and skills allowing them to interpret the world with maximum efficiency from a linguistic, cultural, economic, and geopolitical point of view. Many now play a decisive role in strategic national and international locations.

People who chose UNINT with an eye to their personal and professional growth have gone on to work in various professional sectors, exploiting the heterogeneous nature of the many interdisciplinary and international education paths offered.

The alumni community was created in response to the desire for a post-graduate association encouraging the exchange of experience among those who have or who are about to enter the professional world.

UNINT firmly believes in an ongoing relationship between itself and its graduates. On the one hand, alumni constitute a valuable resource, and by remaining in the UNINT community can help it to increase its prestige; on the other hand, alumni themselves benefit from belonging to a university of international standing with the consequent enhancement of their personal reputations.

One of the purposes of this community was the promotion of interaction between alumni, students, and academic staff through participation in seminars, conferences, initiatives of further training, and various other opportunities. In short, alumni will have the chance to share professional experience and promote the exchange of information with current students and the University’s academic staff.

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