About the University

Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – UNINT is a private university, established in Rome in 1996, originally known as Libero Istituto Universitario "San Pio V". From the beginning, the inclusion among the teaching staff of leading Italian and foreign academics, as well as professionals and personalities from the field of culture was one of the objectives of the founders; the opportunity to experience different aspects of working life and to develop an international identity were also priorities.

In March 2013 the University changed its name to Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – UNINT in order to focus more effectively on the international identity of its educational and training programmes. The University has introduced a wider range of languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Portuguese and Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, and German), giving students in all disciplines the opportunity to participate in various educational activities and internships abroad.

This change was promoted by the Foundation for Research into Migration and Technological Integration (FORMIT), which has managed the University since 2011 and aims to offer high-quality education, training, and management efficiency.

Adding extra to the Ordinary.

A strong international identity, with a network of more than 70 partner universities around the world, allowing students to enjoy access to a range of international experiences, including study exchanges, and to take advantage of the University's in-house multiculturalism, thanks to the presence of students and academics from all over the world. UNINT ranks 2nd in Italy for the number of Bachelor's graduates who studied abroad at some point during their university career (41.1%)

Job-oriented experiences, with a network of 683 companies and institutions, providing valuable national and international internship opportunities in both national and multinational companies and non-governmental organisations and institutions, including European consulates, embassies, ministries, and delegations. 83.3% of Master's graduates did an internship recognized by their Bachelor's or Master's degree programme) *

High-profile academics from prominent scientific communities and professionals who are playing, or have played, a leading role in prestigious institutions and companies at national and international level (88.8% Student rate of satisfaction with staff-student relations).*

Constant attention to the quality of university life: an average teacher/student ratio of 1:8, and administrative staff dedicated to the constant support of students during their university life (90.8% Student satisfaction rate).*

Advanced study of 8 languages and cultures (Arabian, Chinese, French, English, Portuguese and Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, German) and a significant number of courses fully taught in English.

Attention to the individual's growth and the development of transversal skills including leadership, public speaking, team building, elocution, cross-cultural communication and people empowerment. Implementation of projects devised and independently managed by students and funded by the University, allowing students to express their own abilities and creativity.

Recognition of merit thanks to an innovative reward system used to determine annual fees on the basis of students' academic results.

*Almalaurea (2019)

UNINT Faculty of Interpreting and Translation is one of the three Italian members of CIUTI - Excellence in T&I training and research, the prestigious international association of leading university faculties for translation and interpreting all over the world.

The University is also a member of the European Master's in Translation EMT, the EU body which recognizes only degree programmes of specifically high quality in the field of translation and interpreting.