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The project   

UNINT Sport is an initiative created by a group of students who have chosen to experience university to the fullest, going beyond books and lecture halls. In general, sport provides an excellent opportunity to get together and allows us to promote mutual understanding and the development of special bonds that can last a lifetime. Moreover, experiencing all this within one's own university allows us to give and understand our university's authentic sense of community.

The project for the academic year 2023/2024 sees the involvement of two university teams, which are engaged in the University of Rome 5-a-side football tournament in the men's and women's league. The hope, for the very near future, is to be able to expand the sports activities to other disciplines as well. UNINT Sport wishes to become an opportunity for social, cultural and human aggregation within our academic community.
UNINT Sport wishes to become a catalyst for the spirit of aggregation, to spread the culture of sport, recognising its high socialisation value, and to encourage its practice within the entire university community.

The team

Nicolò Cipriani
Giusy Toto
Alice Vecchi
Vanni Nicolì
Davide d'Amore


Contact details

Instagram: @unintsport

Independent UNINT student initiative using funding from Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - UNINT


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