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UNINT e-Learning is the distance learning service offered by UNINT University. It was launched in collaboration with FORMIT Foundation's Center of Methodologies and Practices Training with the aim of promoting access to Higher Education for professionals and working students. Thanks to the distance learning platform, students have the possibility of managing time and programmes independently.

With UNINT e-Learning you can:

  • take video lessons anywhere;
  • assess learning efficiency via tests;
  • study without time limits;
  • download teaching and learning materials;
  • share your progress in the virtual classroom;
  • monitor the lessons you take.

Teaching methods

Lessons will be delivered on the innovative E-FORMARE platform created by UNINT University and FORMIT Foundation..

E-FORMARE is a multimedia learning system allowing students to take streamed video lessons 24 hours a day and download teaching and learning material. The platform offers several interactive communication tools (chat, forums, e-mail, notice boards, etc.), accurate reports on learners’ activities and learning levels, and constant technical and learning support for easy access to web contents.