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Soft skills

CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION (15 hours) - Professor: Chiara Vilmercati
The course raises students’ awareness of the different communicative means developed by different cultures.

ELOCUTION (15 hours) - Professor: Gregorio De Gregoris
Participants develop clear and expressive speech, for a better integration in the world of work and outside. They are also allowed to improve their communication skills, their pronunciation, intonation, and articulation.

LEADERSHIP (15 hours) - Professor: Sara Rizzo
The course focuses on: the promotion of self-awareness (recognition of weaknesses and strengths); the capability of acting as a bridge between people, adapting to different contexts and situations.

PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT (15 hours) - Professor: Marzia Martino
Students are provided with the tools to improve their ability to communicate in an effective way and manage emotions; they are helped to recognize, express and employ their potential in the work context, to manage relationships and conflicts, and to be their own leader.

PERSONAL BRANDING (15 hours) - Professor Germana Agnese Napolitano
Participants are encouraged to start defining their own personal branding and, as a consequence, enhancing their value, potential, and skills.

PUBLIC SPEAKING (15 hours) - Professor: Gregorio De Gregoris
The course aims at teaching how to effectively address a live audience and be communicative.

TEAM BUILDING (15 hours) - Professor: Sara Rizzo
Students learn how to strengthen their social relations and collaborations: the transition from simple interaction with friends to real teamwork is facilitated.


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