"Everyone has three lives: a public life,
a private life, and a secret life."
(Gabriel García Márquez)


School of political science

The School of Political Science, in its seventh edition, is a nonpartisan initiative unique to Italy, open to all those who want to acquire knowledge and tools to develop a new political culture.

The School is devoted to raising awareness concerning citizens' rights and their active role in the decision-making process. Hence the School aims at providing students with adequate methodological and cognitive tools to help them develop expertise in the political, public administration, labour and social areas. To this end, the School closely cooperates with national and international institutions. Furthermore, teaching is delivered by lecturers and representatives from the political, cultural and entrepreneurial scene.

The course lasts one year and is divided into two parts. The course will take place every thursday and a final examination is required.

Scientific committee


Alfonso Quaranta

Academic coordinator

Ciro Sbailò, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science


Vincenzo Lippolis, UNINT

Institutional and Political area Manager

Giuseppe Pisicchio, UNINT

History and international politics area Manager

Antonella Ercolani, UNINT


Francisco Matte Bon, Rector

Giovanni Bisogni, President of the Board of Directors

Mariagrazia Russo, Dean of the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation

Alessandro De Nisco, Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Danilo Breschi, UNINT

Ulderico Parente, UNINT

2018-2019 Edition of School of Political Science

Enrolment is possible until 7th February 2019.

All attendees will be issued a certificate of participation, provided that:

  • at least 80 per cent of the lessons have been attended.

The course takes place every Thursday at the UNINT campus, via Cristoforo Colombo, 200 - Roma.

Macro Areas:

  • International politics
  • Political science
  • Culture and society
  • Ethical and political law
  • Legality and politics


14 march 2019 - 70 anni di Costituzione. Europa, immigrazione e cittadinanza: esempi di legislazione a confronto

7 march 2019 - 70 anni di Costituzione. Costituzione ed enti locali

14 february 2019 - 70 anni di Costituzione. Tutela delle minoranze nella Costituzione 

7 february 2019 - 70 anni di Costituzione. Sistemi elettorali e Costituzione