Individual courses

Enrolling and attending individual courses allows you to enhance or complete your training. Individual courses are intended for:

To enrol in the individual courses offered by UNINT University, candidates:

Candidates should enrol before they start attending classes. They will also, however, be able to enrol after the starting date if the number of classes concerned comprises not more than one third of the total number of hours.

In specific instances, the Dean of the Faculty has the authority to grant an exception to the general rule. This will be subject to discussion with the Coordinator of the Bachelor's or Master's Degree concerned, the lecturer teaching the course, and the Administrative Director. The candidate must then fill the knowledge gap with individual study, to make up for lost time.

Candidates must however enrol in sufficient time to take full advantage of the course, perform set tasks, and prepare themselves adequately for the final exam.

The application form for enrolment in individual courses for Italian citizens and/or foreign nationals must be submitted to the Student Administration Office together with proof of payment of entry fee.

However, enrolment in individual courses will be subject to availability of University facilities, which will be assessed during the annual access planning.

Students enrolled in individual courses may take exams at the established dates, but not later than the last exam session of the academic year in which they have enrolled. Upon request the University may issue a certificate listing individual courses attended, exams passed, and ECTS obtained.

As stated above, ECTS may be recognized and validated if the student is interested in enrolling in a Bachelor's or Master's Degree programme.

The total number of ECTS that a student can obtain when enrolling in one or more individual courses, even in different academic years, may not exceed 30.

Tuition fees

Tuition fee for enrolment in individual courses: €60.00 per ECTS.


Individual courses - Guidelines - Decree no. 1184 (2016)

Individual courses - Application form