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Double Degree

A Double-Degree Course is a double academic degree offered by two universities. Students can attend courses at both universities, one of which is abroad, and earn a Degree from each country. This kind of degree is a remarkable opportunity for students to enhance their academic curriculum with outstanding international experiences, broadening both their academic and professional horizons through different cultural contexts.

UNINT university and Hanoi University - HanU (Hanoi, Vietnam) offer a Double Bachelor's Degree Programme in the field of Business Economics. The Programme allows students to attend the first two years at UNINT University and the third year at HaNU University. Once students have complied with all the academic requirements, they will get a Double Bachelor's Degree at UNINT in Economics and Business Management - Digital Business Curriculum and at HaNU University in Business Administration.


Business Administration 12
Political Economy 12
Mathematics for Economics and Business 10
Private Law 9
English for Business (Two-year course - Basic course) 6
Digital Lab 7
Accounting and International Financial Reporting 12
Mathematics for IT 6
Business Management and Strategy 9
Company and Business Law 12
English for Business (Two-year Course - Advanced Course) 6
Digital Marketing 6
Financial Markets and Electronic Payment 6
Digital Communication and Social Media 6
Administrative Law and E-Government 9
Digital Economy and Innovation 9
Soft skills 4
ECTS - Italy 141
YEAR 3 (HaNU - Hanoi) ECTS
Fundamentals of Marx-Lenin Theory 7,5
Ho-Chi-Minh's Thought 3
Organizational Behavior 5
Probability and Statistics 5
Statistics for Economics 3
Financial Systems 5
Corporate Finance 5
Traineeship 5
Final dissertation 10
ECTS - Vietnam 48,5

ECTS in this programme exceed the ordinary number (i.e. 180) because both Vietnamese and Italian sections of the study programmes are not uniform. The final dissertation should be written in English.

UNINT also provides, together with the University of National and World Economy in Sofia - UNWE (Bulgaria), a Double Master's Degree Programme (fully taught in English). Students will gain a Double Master's Degree in Economics and International Management - International Relations Curriculum (at UNINT) and in Economics - International Business (at UNWE). The Programme is designed for students attending the Master's Degree in Economics and International Management - International Relations Curriculum at UNINT University. Students will attend the first year at UNINT University and the second at UNWE University. Once students have complied with all the academic requirements, they will obtain a Double Master's Degree at UNINT and UNWE Universities.


Intercultural Diplomacy
Competition Law and Consumer Protection or Public Law 9
International Organisations 9
English for International Affairs or English for Diplomacy 6
Management of International Organisationws and NGO's 9
Accountability of International Organisations and NGO's 9
European and International Trade Law 9
ECTS - Italy 57


YEAR 2 (UNWE - Sofia) ECTS
Global Economics 6
International Business 6
Quantitative Methods in International Management 6
One out of: Project Management / Negotiations and Cross-cultural Competence/ Marketing Management 6
One out of:
International Financial Management
Global Supply Chain Management
International Human Resources Managemen
Global Strategic Management 4
Corporate Governance in International Business 4
One out of: Portfolio Management/Leadership and Ethics in International Business 4
One out of: Innovation Management/Social Media in International Business 4
Placement 5
Master's Thesis 15
ECTS - Bulgaria 66