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Signing up for and attending standalone modules can add value to your education and is recommended for:

  • people interested in updating their cultural knowledge and refreshing their skills;
  • graduates who want to sit exams and earn credits that might help them gain entry to graduate schools;
  • students who have not enrolled in a degree programme by the deadline.

To enrol in standalone modules at the university, applicants:

  • must meet the requirements for enrolment in the Bachelor’s degree or Master's degree course with which the module is associated;
  • must meet the requirements, if any, for entry to each module, in full compliance with the prerequisites set for the course of study.

As a rule, students must enrol for modules by their start date or once they have already started, as long as no more than a third of scheduled teaching hours have been delivered.



In special cases, after consulting the president of the degree course, lecturer, and administrative team, the director of the department may make exceptions to this general rule by allowing students to draw up individual study arrangements so that they can catch up with missed teaching hours.

However, students must enrol in time to actually benefit from the module, complete the planned activities, and adequately prepare for the end-of-module examination.

Italian and international students should submit applications for standalone modules to the student services office along with proof of payment of the module fee.

However, enrolment in standalone modules will be subject to an assessment of the availability of university facilities, which is conducted during the annual entry planning process.

Those enrolled in standalone modules must take the relevant examinations by the end of the final examination session for the academic year in question, and can request a certificate certifying their attendance, examinations taken, and credits earned.

Credits earned can be validated if the student subsequently enrols in a Bachelor’s or Master's degree programme.

The maximum number of ECTS that can be acquired through one or more enrolments in standalone modules, even in different academic years, cannot exceed 30.

The cost of tuition is €60 per credit.



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