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Where to study and relax

Several areas of the University are dedicated to individual and group study, as well as to moments of leisure. They represent fundamental spaces of aggregation for the University community.

Students may study in the Reading Room of the University Library, with a capacity of 100 seats and 8 computer stations equipped with silicon keyboards. The library is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Studying in groups is fundamental for encouraging sharing and discussions. For this reason, on the second floor of the University there is a large study area with tables and dispensers of snacks and hot drinks.

The cafeteria/canteen area inside the University is a real meeting point for our students, where they may study in groups outside meal times.

Moreover, students, thanks to the University app UNINTouch, have the opportunity to monitor in real time the availability of classrooms in order to identify free spaces to use.

In addition to these areas, UNINT University provides a park equipped with chairs, tables and gazebos and a space for sports activities.

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