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Right to study

The Right to Study (in Italian Diritto allo Studio) manages study grants and other benefits for deserving students based on merit and students’ special economic conditions. Right to study offers assistance to students with disabilities, facilitating their educational activities with tutors and special technical supports.
Access to the benefits provided by the right to study is achieved through participation in the Scholarship Competition in partnership with Lazio Di.S.U. The notice is usually issued in the summer and the application submission is all done electronically. The scholarship amount varies depending on which stage of the competition the student is in. To be considered as “Off-campus” status, students must show a regular lease of at least ten months. For more information, see the competition announcement page.

UNINT Merit Policy

In the Merit Policy section it is possible to see the statement of student tuition reductions based on academic gains from the 2016/2017 academic year. There is also information regarding the new Loan “with Merit”  plan through an agreement with Banca Intesa-Sanpaolo. This provides favourable loan conditions for students which are granted based solely on merit.