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The University can boast contacts with more than 1000 companies and institutions that regularly head-hunt UNINT students and graduates within and beyond our national borders. These links have bolstered our relationship with leading employers,ensuring that our programmes are tailored to address the needs of the job market on a global scale. 80,5% of UNINT Master's graduates did an internship recognized by their Bachelor's or Master's Degree Programme (AlmaLaurea 2022). All our courses offer the opportunity to include an invaluable professional placement experience as an integral part of their degree. Therefore students have the chance to put theory into practice, developing leadership, acquiring interpersonal and teamwork skills, taking on responsibilities, facing challenges in a real job, and ‘test driving’ a career.

Our dedicated Placement Office offers UNINT graduates lifelong careers orientation through one-to-one advice with professional careers consultants, labs on career planning, guidance from alumni and employers, links to a wide range of job vacancies and internships, and job interviews. The Office also provides students with a newsletter service reporting job and internship opportunities. Some of our most popular internships include: the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Ministry of Justice.

Decree no. 1506 (2020) - General University Regulations on the Conduct of Curricular and Non-Curricular Internships

Decree no. 1507 (2020) - How to Carry Out Curricular and Non-Curricular Internships for the Entire Duration of the Covid-19 Health Emergency

Placement Office

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Services for students and graduates

Almalaurea Interuniversity Consortium plays a significant role as intermediary between supply and demand. Students can create and manage their own curriculum vitae on the AlmaLaurea website, connected to CLICLAVORO, the Italian Ministry of Labour’s portal. Once you have logged in with your username and password, you will be able to avail yourself of the services available on the AlmaLaurea portal. Thanks to this service, students will be visible in AlmaLaurea’s database, and will always be able to supplement their curriculum vitae with additional information, such as their final graduation mark, the title of their dissertation, ERASMUS experience, and internships in collaboration with the Placement Office, as well as their own professional experiences.
Writing a professional curriculum vitae with regular updates allows you to be more attractive to the companies in the database, and proves the first step towards a rapid and successful entry into the world of work. The Placement Office periodically organises training events on how to write a CV.
The Placement Office provides free information services both during students’ academic life and after graduation, facilitating supply and demand mechanisms by publishing job and internship opportunities on the website. The Office also provides UNINT students and graduates with a free guidance service to professional placement experiences as an integral part of their degree or after graduation.

Internship Guide

The University annually organises Career Days to support UNINT students and graduates seeking employment, and companies seeking specialised professional profiles
Career Days promote the encounter between the companies and the young job-seekers by organising job interviews in familiar and informal settings in the University. 

Services for companies

UNINT is involved in activities aimed at strengthening the role of the University as supporter and intermediary between students or graduates and the world of work, and developing University Placement services to increase and improve employment. To access the service, companies, bodies or organisations must enter their data and consent to the processing and terms of use of their data. Registration in the University placement services will enable companies to publish job opportunities for students and graduates by managing the database with complete autonomy.

How to register:

Thanks to free research facility, companies will be able to access the lists of students and graduates anonymously. It is, however, recommended to register the company as soon as possible to make optimal use of our online services and obtain maximum collaboration from our staff. If you have the necessary credentials you can access the curriculum research service via this link. For additional details and information please contact the Office, or visit FAQ for companies.

  1. Fill in the form available on this link to request access to the service. When registering you must enter a valid email address to receive the credentials and service instructions;
  2. Access the database via the link “SEARCH FOR”, present on the webpage;
  3. Set filter parameters and download the chosen curriculum vitae;
  4. Once you have reached the cap on curriculum vitae, you may want to receive more CVs by accessing the link “ASSISTANCE”.
The University annually organises Career Days to support UNINT students and graduates seeking employment, and companies seeking specialised professional profiles.
Career Days promote the encounter between companies and young job-seekers by organising job interviews in familiar and informal settings in the University. 
Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – UNINT takes no responsibility for the content of the announcements, or for the status of the natural and/or legal person which has requested the publication. Announcements are of an informative nature and are in no way mandatory or binding as to the relationship that may be built between the companies and the graduates and/or students. See all announcements
Internships at the Council of the European Union
Internships at the European Parliament
Internships at the Italian trade Agency
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