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UNINT Research Committee

Composition of the University Research Committee (2017-2020)

The University Research Committee shall be composed of:

  • The Rector, Chairman, Prof. Francisco Matte Bon (Mr. Francisco Matte Bon);
  • A representative from each faculty - Mr. Ciro Sbailò (Dean of the Faculty of Political Science), Mr. Alessandro De Nisco (Dean of the Faculty of Economics) and Mrs. Mariagrazia Russo (Dean of the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation);
  • The Pro Rector for Research (Prof.ssa Laura Mori);
  • The Board of Directors’ delegate for Research (dott. Maurizio Finicelli).

The Committee is chaired by the Rector, or, in his absence, by his delegate for Research. The Committee shall lapse when the Board of Directors that appointed it lapses. The Committee shall act on majority decisions of members present at the meeting. In the event of a tie, the chairman has casting vote. If the Rector chairs the Committee, the Rector’s Delegate for Research shall act as secretary; if the Rector’s delegate for Research chairs the Committee the Board of Director’s Delegate for Research shall act as secretary.

Tasks of the University Research Commission

The University Research Committee shall annually coordinate financial management of University research. In particular, the Committee shall:

  • Make proposals to the Board of Directors on the allocation of the Fund for Scientific Research and possible amendments, taking into account the evaluation criteria for research financing requests (article 14);
  • Develop a University Annual Research Plan with details according to the annual allocation to the Fund, as stipulated by the Board of Directors. The Research Plan shall be drawn up no later than 30 November of each year and published on the University official website after approval by the Board of Directors;
  • Identify potential common lines in research according to each academic staff member’s projections in anticipation of wider planning;
  • Check the uniformity of procedures for requesting access to the Fund;
  • Monitor the scope and the development of research activities by requesting each academic staff member’s projections and final schedules;
  • Implement ex-post procedures of verification between expected objectives and results of the financed scientific activity;
  • Produce an Annual Report on University Research Activity;
  • Propose amendments of the Regulation for University Research Activities;
  • Check compliance with said Regulation;
  • Promote and organise events, including individual ones, to publicise and share the results of research activities.


The University Committee shall meet once every two months and whenever the Rector deems it to be necessary. The minutes of the University Research Committee shall be available to the public in the Rector’s office. The Committee shall publish the calendar of scheduled meetings annually. After the completion of requests for funding and assessment procedures, the University Research Committee shall decide on the allocation of funds according to the University Annual Research Plan and its distribution. Documents shall therefore be submitted not later than five days before a scheduled meeting. These should be addressed to the Rector in the capacity of Chairman of the University Research Committee at the Research Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., completing the forms available on the dedicated website. Committee deliberations shall be notified to the interested parties in writing, with a brief assessment request and the approved budget. Approval may be subject to revision of the funding application, or to further documentation or information. Approved applications are in any case subject to the objectives and outcomes stated by the applicant. Non-approved applications for funding may be re-submitted by the applicant after the completion of a revision in line with the Committee’s reasons for denying funding.

In urgent cases, the Rector may access the Fund and use it up to a maximum amount established by the Board of Directors after hearing the Representative of the Board of Directors on the Committee, plus one other member. All authorizations issued in this way shall be submitted for ratification during the next meeting.

Assesment procedure

The University Research Committee shall make proposals on the evaluation criteria for funding requests to the Board of Directors, with regard to the development of the research activity, and other possible scenarios. Evaluation criteria are listed in the University Annual Research Plan approved by the Board of Directors. In the event of multi-year research projects, evaluation shall be subject to the progress of the research and the expenditure incurred against the project budget, on the basis of the annual reports submitted by the project leaders.


The Board of Directors’ Delegate for Research shall act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the University Research Committee. In the performance of his tasks, he shall coordinate with the Rector’s Delegate for Research and the Rector.

The Rector’s Delegate, assisted by the Research Office, shall collate research proposals from the eligible applicants, and establish the agenda of the meeting to be submitted for the Rector’s approval. The delegate shall also verify that the proposals received are properly justified and documented. The Rector’s Delegate for Research is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the monitoring and management activities of research in the University, and for maintaining relations with the outside world. Within the University Research Committee, he shall act as liaison between external proposals and requests with particular regard to relations between the University and the Conference of Italian University Rectors and MIUR. In the performance of his tasks, he shall coordinate with the Rector, the Board of Directors’ Delegate for Research, and the administrative staff of the Research Office.


  • 29 October 2020 
  • 26 November 2020
  • 10 December 2020



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