Temporary Research Associates

Pursuant to art. 22 of Law no. 240/2010, research grants may have a duration ranging from six months to three years, they are renewable and cannot be combined with other research grants.
They may be awarded to scholars with a scientific curriculum suitable for carrying out the research activities envisaged by the call for proposals. Furthermore, candidates are requested to have proven and adequate scientific publications.
Temporary research associates carry out their research activities under the scientific responsibility of a professor belonging to one of the scientific-disciplinary areas of reference.

Decree no. 1412 (2019) - Regulations on the Awarding of Research Grants


Temporary Research Associate: Manuela Frontera
Project Title: Lo spazio linguistico delle reti sociali di origine italiana e dell’italianità nel mondo
Scientific Coordinator: Laura Mori, Full Professor L-LIN/01
Faculty: Interpreting and Translation UNINT
Period: July 2020 – July 2021 (renewable)
Funds: PRIN 2017 (Prot. 2017K79S7T) Lingua italiana, mercato globale delle lingue, impresa italiana nel mondo: nuove dinamiche linguistiche, socioculturali, istituzionali, economico-produttive.(National Coordinator: Prof. Massimo Vedovelli)

Temporary Research Associate: Carlo Pelliccia
Project Title: Rapporti luso-nipponici
Scientific Coordinator: Mariagrazia Russo, Full Professor L-LIN/09
Faculty: Interpreting and Translation UNINT
SSD: I: L/LIN-09; M/STO-03
Period: July 2017 – July 2018
Funds: Unversità degli Studi della Tuscia (Cattedra “Pedro Hispano” ); Faculty of Interpreting and Translation - UNINT