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Research projects

The University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT promotes and funds research at the university level. To this end, the University has established the University Research Commission , the University Research Register and the University Research Fund. The latter consists of financing approved by the Board of Directors and / or coming from public or private institutions; its endowment has an annual value. The Fund is intended for Research Projects and Research Service.
University Professors and Researchers can submit funding requests to the Rector via the relevant form available on the Research form page.

Research projects funded by the UNIT University Research Fund 

Projects on linguistic and literary issues

Sigilmasa: Sources to aid the history (tangible and intangible) of an ancient caravan city. Angelo Iacovella’s book is part of an individual research project co-funded by UNINT University and Wildmedia Ltd and focuses on historical, geographic and literary sources related to the ancient caravan city of Sigilmassa, located in southern Morocco. From this important but relatively neglected archaeological site, the work reconstructs - with references to complex dynastic events, to the trans-Saharan trades and to the folkloric and mythopoetic developments that affected it - its essential contribution to the spread of Islamic civilisation in North Africa. The text was published by the Bibiotheca Aretina as part of its “Saggi” book series  with a preface by the writer and Africanist Vanni Beltrami and enjoys the sponsorship of the Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies of Naples. The volume is Open Access and can be viewed by clicking here.

Qualitas: Assessing Quality through Testing and Certification. The objective of the Qualitas project is to establish uniform qualitative standards and certification procedures for court interpreters in EU member states to help improve cooperation and build mutual trust in their respective judicial systems. 

Rewriting in prose in France in the XIV-XVI centuries: from an inventory of works to a critical review proposal. PRIN project, which aims at studying the mises en prose of the XIV-XVI centuries and the creation of a new inventory that updates the classic Doutrepont, still a relevant reference text today, and completed with the introduction to other literary genres (Trojan material, Ovidian material, etc.).

Linguistic and Translation Aspects of Legislative Imitations (Italy and France). When there is a loophole in the legislation, national legislators often try to close it by imitating a foreign law. This imitation always involves a translation, which the research intends to investigate, examining the preliminary work of some laws.

Spanish grammar of the enunciation. The main objective of this project is to reach an overview of the grammatical rules of Spanish from the perspective of interaction, avoiding the many difficulties which commonly occur in  grammar because of the unsystematic way in which the analysis is conducted, the use of categories which are often unsuitable and the constant lack of clarity as far as the relationship between language and the extralinguistic world is concerned.

Television speech (dubbing or voice over). The aim of the research is to study the characteristics of the textualizing of television speech and its translation into dubbing (voice over) mode, the most widespread in Italian. For more information visit dubtalk.unint.eu

Power in political speeches: A discourse perspective. The research project starts from a social linguistic phenomenon, for example the rhetoric used in American electoral campaigns. The analysis is developed from there, taking into account the historical-social aspects both in the immediate, and wider, context. The results of the research will be promptly presented at international conferences and the works will be subsequently published.

An eye on the Sacred in Rome: three French writers, three literary and linguistic itineraries. In addition to being conceived as a literary-linguistic compendium addressed to students, this research is also intended to probe a little-known but fundamental branch of French literature from the XIX-XX centuries which deals with the perception of the Sacred in Rome.


Projects on economic and managerial issues

Images of Country and the competitive advantage of Made in Italy in the luxury industry: a comparative analysis of the 3 F’s (Fashion, Food, Furniture) in emerging markets. This research intends to contribute to studies on the topic of the country-of-origin effect, testing in particular the influence effected by the image of a nation seen in its role as the production source on the perceptions of foreign customers with reference to Italian products belonging to the food, fashion and furniture industries.

Financial taxation in Italy: the tax regime of intermediaries, of reports and of financial products. The project aims at defining the scope and contents of the tax regime of intermediaries (banks, SIM, SGR, etc.), of reports (current accounts, deposit accounts, etc.) and financial products (shares, bonds, derivatives, etc.).

A model for the sustainable competitiveness of tourist destinations. The research project is aimed at the development of a territorial planning model applicable to small and large tourist destinations.

The European Monetary Union: crisis reality and regional integration model. The methodology used in this work is the positive method. This highlights the value of positive, actual data, and respect for the experience both in the hypothesis and in the comparison of the empirical results of the theses.

Projects on historical, political and legal issues

Managing diversity in Arab countries: the model of Morocco. The purpose of the activity is to study and publicise, from various perspectives, the political, institutional, social and economic experience of Morocco in recent years, in the context of current experiences in North Africa, and in the broader Mediterranean and European scenario.

Towards an International History of Economic Thinking. The project aims to define a methodological approach useful for comparing the history of economic thought of contemporary civilisations.

Towards a Mutual Understanding: Economic Culture and Political Constitution of Peru and Europe. The aim of the research is to contribute to the mutual understanding between Europe and Andean Community. In particular we intend to compare the economic constitutions of Peru and European Union in order to assess some similarities and divergences.

Hayek and the Great Depression of 1929. Did he really change his mind? The aim of this research is to determine if and how Hayek changed his mind about the Great Depression of 1929.

Capitalism and democracy in Giuseppe Toniolo's thought. The research project is aimed at understanding the meaning of Giuseppe Toniolo's work in the history of Italian economic culture.

The Great Depression of 1929 in Italy. Economists' view and Government policy. The aim of this research is to comprehend the interpretation of the crisis prevalent amongst leading economists as well as the policy implemented by the Fascist regime, trying to derive from the Italian experience a useful lesson for the present.

The diplomacy of the lira. Italy and the crisis of the international monetary system between Atlantic solidarity and national interests. The research aims to enhance an "open" historiographic approach to the study of the history of international relations. The aim is to conduct an investigation into international dynamics that is not limited to political and diplomatic history in the strict sense but that embraces areas and perspectives relevant to other disciplines as well.

People's politics: legitimation, participation, exclusion in construction of contemporary democracies (1918-1948). The research carried out by the local groups to which I belong (University for Foreigners of Perugia Group, coordinator: Prof. Salvatore Cingari) mainly concern the ideologies of the "people" developed in the environment of Italian fascism, but also with an eye to the British geopolitical doctrine.

The intellectual and constitutional history of the Italian post-unification liberalism until the advent of fascism. The project is articulated in a series of political-intellectual biographies of key characters of the pre- and post-unification period, who either were involved in activities of conspiracy and struggle between 1831 and 1860 or held government posts from 1861 onwards.

Ideological projects and political aims of the French post-revolutionary liberalism of the early nineteenth century: Tocqueville and the problem of the advent of democracy in post-class societies. The research project is aimed at identifying the linguistic terms and conceptual categories and references within which the idea of "revolution" began to be codified after the "revolutionary decade" (1789-1799).

A woman in two centuries: Armida Barelli in the religious and social history of Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The research intends to reach a very accurate publication which will provide an overall profile of Arminda Barelli, set against the backdrop of the historic transformations taking place in Italy in the twentieth century.

Projects on mathematical-quantitative issues

Methods related to the study of ideal polynomial ideals. Knowledge of the bases of  polynomial ideals of  polynomial ideals is essential. For binomial ideals the problem can be dealt with in combinatorial terms. Efficient algorithms can help in studying homological properties of significant classes of ideals.

Pervasiveness of mathematics, its specificity and its dissemination. The last hundred years and more have witnessed an intense development of mathematics, and mathematical sciences in general. Not only have the branches of mathematics multiplied and the applications of the discipline become more and more pervasive, but the understanding of the characteristics of mathematics has also evolved.