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Research groups

Eurolect Observatory. Interlingual and intralingual analysis of legal varieties in the EU setting.
The objective of this research group is to analyse the varieties of EU legal language (eurolects) which have originated and become established within the diasytems of some member countries, or in parts of them: Finland, France, Germany, Greece, England, Italy, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

LARIM – Research Laboratory on Interpreter-mediated Interactions - Analysis, Methodology and Models.
This research group focuses on models and methodologies in Interpreting Studies (IS), a discipline that is nowadays characterised by a wide variety of research paradigms and fragmented analytical approaches. The group members are engaged in interdisciplinary research on interactions mediated by interpreters in a variety of institutional settings and intercultural contexts

The policy of a socialist: the Mediterranean in the international policies of Bettino Craxi.
The research seeks to address a number of aspects of foreign policy conducted by Craxi governments which so far have not been investigated by contemporary historiography. Through a multidisciplinary approach involving international and contemporary historians in the group’s work, the research aims to provide the first scientific analysis based on the use of Italian and foreign archival.

Grammar of Enunciation A.I.Gr.E., which meets monthly in the University and involves many Italian and foreign University members.