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The Made in Italy Research Centre (MADEINT) was established within the Faculty of Economics with a resolution of the Board of Directors on July 6th, 2015 and acts in partnership with CONFAPI - Confederazione Italiana della Piccola e Media Industria (Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Industry).

Objectives and target recipients

MADEINT's objective is to carry out systematic and innovative research on the evolution of the structural and managerial features of the Made in Italy sectors, with particular attention given to the internationalisation strategies of SMEs.
To this end, MADEINT’s activities are targeted at national companies operating in foreign markets, at public and private political decision makers who promote and protect Italian products; at the national and international scientific community; and at the areas of civil society in which there is an interest and an adequate understanding of the structure and dynamics of the Made in Italy sectors.

Scopes of activity

The main activities carried out by MADEINT consist of developing analyses and ad hoc studies on issues related to the development strategies of Made in Italy and the provision of management and linguistic consultancy services in support of the Italian SMEs’ internationalisation processes.
MADEINT also works in close synergy with the Faculty of Economics, and in particular with the Master’s Degree Course in International Economics and Management - curriculum in Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets, through the development of lab activities, graduate theses and project work on the companies and dynamics of typical Made in Italy industries. Finally, the Centre also promotes and organises seminars, scientific conferences and meetings with entrepreneurs and managers from leading Italian companies, national and international academics and experts working in public and private institutions.
Professors, researchers and lecturers from Italian and foreign universities and institutions, and recognised experts in the scientific areas of interest are invited to join the Research Centre. Membership takes place in accordance with the Regulations.

Scientific Director

Giada Mainolfi, UNINT Associate Professor - Faculty of Economics

Scientific Committee

UNINT Professor, MADEINT Scientific Director

Alessandro DE NISCO
Dean of the Faculty of Economics UNINT

President of Fondazione "Sostenibilità e Valore", Former President of Società Italiana Marketing (SIM)

Massimo Maria AMOROSINI
Deputy Vice President of Assonautica Napoli

Francesco DOMINI
General Manager of the Genagricola Wine Division

Vice President of Pianoforte Holding and Vice President of Sistema Moda Italia


MADEINT is headquartered in Rome, via Cristoforo Colombo, 200.




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