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The Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – UNINT plays an active role in the cultural development and integration of our country. UNINT promotes dynamic international study courses emphasising the essential contribution of university education and research to national competitiveness in the international arena. It is in this spirit that in 2014 UNINT created the Civil Protection and Emergency Management Academy, an information, training, and research centre acting as a link between local authorities, research organisations, trade associations, institutions, and staff involved in civil protection and emergency management. 

The Academy’s main aim is to provide useful instruments to contain or, and if possible prevent both natural and man-made catastrophic events, such as:

  • Seismic risks;
  • Hydrogeological risks;
  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risk;
  • Risks of terrorist attacks;
  • Meteorological risk;
  • Volcanic risks;
  • Fire risk.

The Academy, as a structured system, carries out:

  1. 1. Information activities, including:

    • Collecting information on the most significant scientific and cultural initiatives concerning issues of interest to civil protection and emergency management;

    • Providing an independent periodic report on state-of-the-art activities undertaken by research organisations and institutions within their respective spheres (Fire Department, Italian Red Cross, etc.);

    • Organising an annual conference involving major specialists in the field, with the aim of analysing the most significant themes and issues of common interest;

    • Disseminating information on civil protection and emergency management through the Academy communication channels, primarily the website www.apgce.org

  2. 2. Research activities, including:

    • Analysing “best practice” as carried out by authorities at local, regional, national, and international level;

  3. 3. Training activities, also in e-learning mode:

    • Seminars intended to train specialists in the field of Municipal Emergency Plans;

    • Technical equipment and implementation manuals supporting drills and field testing in areas deemed critical due to catastrophic events;

    • Safety training in work places, emergency management, and first aid courses.

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