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UNINT established the Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences (LabSciMat) in the spring of 2010, under the guidance of Prof. Giandomenico Boffi, full professor of Algebra, with the aim of promoting the research, application and dissemination of mathematical sciences, while also including its historical and foundational aspects. the Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences also aims at promoting the dialogue of mathematical sciences with other sciences and with all dimensions of the human experience. Scholars from UNINT and other universities collaborate with the Laboratory.

The reasons for a Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences

"Mathematical Sciences" – as shown, for example, by the self-titled centre at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom - includes not only mathematics, but also statistics, econometrics, computer science, etc. and best responds to the vocation of a university such as the University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT.
"Laboratory" does not just refer to the availability of adequate resources for carrying out automatic calculations , but - more than "centre" or other similar terms – it underlines the ongoing creative work that is embodied by this initiative within the University.

Research, applications and dissemination , inside and outside the University

LabSciMat hosts a research unit of INdAM, the Italian national institute of higher Mathematics. Some members of the unit are from other universities. LabSciMat and the INdAM unit jointly organize seminars and workshops, mostly in algebra and differential geometry.

LabSciMat is interested in the teaching of Mathematics, both in schools and colleges, and cooperates with the Roman branch of PLS (the Italian national project for promoting the STEM disciplines) in organizing PLS Mathematical Summer School for high school students of Latium.

LabSciMat is one of the main driving forces behind the Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship (MYMC) and prof. Boffi is the head of the MYMC Operations Committee.

The MYMC was born at UNINT University in 2013 and its 5th edition took place in 2018 (see the links in LabSciMat Events). MYMC is sponsored by MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education) by INdAM, by ICTP (the International Centre for Theoretical Physics located in Trieste), by PLS, by UMI (the main Italian mathematical society), and by the four Roman universities Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre and UNINT. Every year the promoters choose a location for the championship. The number of participating countries has been steadily increasing and almost all Mediterranean countries are now involved. The last edition took place under the patronage of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, in recognition of the cultural value of the MYMC.

LabSciMat Events

Activities schedule

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