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The Disability Research Centre was established at the University of International Studies of Rome on December 7th, 2016 to respond to a national need for initiating active monitoring of diagnostic, rehabilitative and educational paths related to disability take-up.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders are often diagnosed late, due to the difficulty in interpreting initial symptoms. This late diagnosis can cause a steady increase in epidemiology because it compromises the functional recovery outcomes and process.

It is necessary to develop early diagnosis and timely preventive and rehabilitative plans in order to help integrate and improve the quality of life of the people affected.

Objectives and target recipients

The DRC's objective is to develop training and research development activities in the fields of epidemiology, prevention, rehabilitation and behavioural psychology applied to education. Partners and recipients of the Centre’s activities are public entities, e.g. the Italian ASL (the local NHS) or the Rehabilitation Centres, parent associations and all those who intend to pursue active training in the socio-healthcare and psycho-pedagogical areas through the following points of focus:

  • Classification and Diagnosis of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Autism, SLN – Special Learning Needs, Intellectual Disability, etc.);
  • Functional Evaluation for drafting rehabilitation treatment plans and Individualised Educational Plans (IEPs);
  • Intervention Models and Operating Strategies for the treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders;
  • Evaluation of Outcomes and Social Inclusion at school and work.

Scope of activities

The activities of the Centre, in collaboration with public entities, have these general objectives:

  • Epidemiological investigations aimed at identifying the actual estimates of the prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders;
  • Identification of didactic and rehabilitative methodologies aimed at encouraging the development of communicative, cognitive and inclusive strategies for the main types of disabilities;
  • Developing scientifically approved equipment for enhancing Increased / Alternative Communication and the use of Sign Language;
  • Clinical research activities developed within the Parent Training and Peer Tutoring areas;
  • Creating a network that unites various parent associations and encourages dialogue between parents and professionals;
  • Creation of standardised tools useful for functional evaluation and implementation of rehabilitation / IEP programmes;
  • Research activities to evaluate the cost of rehabilitation spending and the overall global take-up of disability.

Scientific director

Alessandro Frolli, Child Neuropsychiatrist, Scientific Director and professor at Postgraduate diploma ABA UNINT

Executive committee

  • Sara Rizzo,Teacher and Master Coordinator ABA UNINT, Scientific Coordinator of DRC / UNINT Research Centre
  • Alessandro Frolli, Child Neuropsychiatry, Scientific Director and professor at Master ABA UNINT, Scientific Director of DRC / UNINT Research Centre


30/06/2017 - 02/07/2017 - Autism Network and Best Practices - Summer Session in Italy

The Disability Research Centre has launched a Parent Training path for parents of pupils with Autism spectrum disorder. The training path is divided into 4 modules which will address the following specific fields of study:

  • Mod.1 – Autismo: Cause, Diagnosi Precoce, Sintomi Clinici, Avvio del Trattamento;
  • Mod.2 – ABA ed Autismo: Che cos’è l’ABA, Procedure di Base, il Pairing, Il Controllo Educativo;
  • Mod.3 – Il Verbal Behavior: Comunicazione Funzionale, Operanti Verbali, Traning Mand, ITT;
  • Mod.4 – La gestione dei Comportamenti Disadattivi: i CD, l’Analisi Funzionale, le procedure proattive, gli interventi reattivi. 


Master annuale I livello in  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) nel trattamento precoce dei disturbi dello spettro autistico 

Master biennale II livello in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)  nel trattamento precoce dei disturbi dello spettacolo autistico

Master annuale I livello in Disturbi dell'apprendimento e disturbi del neurosviluppo

Corso di specializzazione in Tecnico esperto in Analisi Applicata del comportamento (ABA)


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