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PhD Students

Marina Brancaccio
Project title: "Green talk in the European Union: scientific and political discourse analysis".

Matteo Costola
Project title: "Italian security. European security. The crime terror nexus in SubSaharan Africa: the case of Al Shabaab and Boko Haram".

Anna Rita de Bonis
Project title: "Accessibility and translation technologies.Technical and linguistic perspectives".

Nicholas Faina
Project title: "The cultural and religious innovation of Italian Candomblé: socio-anthropological analysis of terreiros and saint communities in Italy".

Vanessa Iudicone
Project title: "Repossessing the body and the land: a journey through Ecofeminism in the Antilles".

Serena Marrocco
Project title: "School education in Italy in a multicultural context: analysis and perspectives for a real integrazion".

Gaia Natarelli
Project title: "European defense response in the information dominance era".

Vanni Nicolì
Project title: "Multicultural society governance".

Giulia Deiana
Project title: "The risk factors of violent extremism in Italy: a multidisciplinary approach against islamic radicalization".

Leul Girma Haylemariam
Project title: "How female entrepreneurs innovative a successful business model, an emerging economies. The case of Ethiopia".

Alessandra Semeraro
Project title: "Cavazzi's manuscripts: an italian of the Seventeenth Century in the African Multilingual World".

Ornella Giardini
Project title: "Saudi vision 2030: Saudi Arabia's new geopolitical challenges in the interconnected world. The political intra-Sunni dynamics in a European perspective".

Claudiane Solange Ngwikem Manfo
Project title: "Socio-cultural, linguistic, political and economic impacts of the great powers (France, Britain and China) presence in Africa:the case of Cameroon".

Giulia Segna
Project title: "Intercultural competences in international cooperation for development: an extraordinary study".

Vincenzo Streppone
Project title: "The perseption of COVID-19 vaccines across different countries: A cross-linguistic text-miming and critical discourse analysis of translated news articles and related FB comments".

Lara Bruno
Project title: "Sociocultural impact of the Chinese presence in Senegal: intercultural dynamics and multilingual communication".

Gianluigi Cesta
Project title: "Migration flows and intercultural dynamics in Europe: the case of the islamic communities judicial regulation".

Guglielmo Maccario
Project title: "Privacy and smart speackers: a text-meaning based analysis of user perseption".

Stephen Oduro
Project title: "Country of origin image: a meta-analytic review and assessment of its effect on consumer brand evalutaion".

Lucrezia Piscopo
Project title: "The meaning of luxury fashon and the importance of sustainability after COVID-19: the perspective of Italian and Chinese consumers".

Federica Politanò
Project title: "Quand tweetter, c'est menacer. La menace dans les tweets du président Donald J. Trump et leur circulation dans la press française".

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