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Marco Mele

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Type of collaboration with UNINT: Aggregate Professor
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Office hours

Tuesday-Thursday, 11:15AM


AMASES (Association for the Application of Mathematics to Social and Economic Sciences)

Member and Associate of the SIEDS (Italian Society of Economics, Demography and Statistics).


Foreign exchange market; International Finance; Fiscal policy.

Spoken languages (Other than Italian)

English, Spanish.

Main publications

1. Mele M (2015) Singapore’ Exchange Rate Regime: A Garch Approach”. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT, ISSN: 1308-7800. in press.

2. Mele M (2015). On the Inefficient Markets Hypothesis: Arbitrage on the Forex Market. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS. ISSN: 0973-6719. in press.

3. Magazzino C, Mele M, Giolli L (2015). Wagner’s Law and Peacock and Wiseman’s Displacement Effect in European Union Countries: A Panel Data Study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL ISSUES. 07/2015.
4. Mele M. (2015). A Consideration about the Volatility: The Counter-Strategic Trends. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PRACTICES AND THEORIES. 05/20151.

5. Mele M (2015). A Mathematical Analysis for Options Outside Europe: The case of Asian. RESEARCH JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS & BUSINESS STUDIES. 3/2015.

6. Mele M, Nicolai F (2015). On the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Countries: the Case of China. RIVISTA ITALIANA DI ECONOMIA, DEMOGRAFIA E STATISTICA. 05/2015.

7. Mele M, Carbone V (2015). Fiscal Divergence and Economic Growth in the European Union. RIVISTA ITALIANA DI ECONOMIA, DEMOGRAFIA E STATISTICA. 05/2015.

8. Mele M (2014).On A Hypothetical Monetary Union in South-East Asia. EDITED BY TIJ RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS PTE- Singapore. 10/2014. ISBN: 978-981-09-2554-3.

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18. Mele M (2014). An interpretative model about the Insider Trading in Financial Market. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PRACTICES AND THEORIES. 08/2014;

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20. Mele M, Nicolai F (2014). On the determinants of credit crunch in Italy: an empirical analysis on the reasons underlying this phenomenon. JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS. 07/2014.

21. Mele M (2014). Open-end fund performance persistence: a study on KC Libra Fund. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE. 7/2014.

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25. Mele M (2013). Un’unione monetaria per i paesi ASEAN, in Marzovilla, O., Romagnoli, G.C., (a cura di), L'Unione Monetaria Europea: realtà in crisi e modello di integrazione monetaria regionale, FrancoAngeli, Milano.

26. Mele M (2012). Monetary union for the countries “ASEAN”: the analysis on the Business Cycle Synchronisation. BRITISH JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES. 3/2012.

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38. Mele M (2009). L'impatto della cultura sul commercio internazionale nel Sud-Est asiatico. MERCATI, VALORI, REGOLE. 09/2009


Born in Grottaglie (TA), July 21, 1980. Marco Mele is an Aggregate Professor for the SSD SECS-P/02 at the Faculty of Political Sciences, UNINT University. He received his Ph.D. in "Economics and Law in International Relations"; in October 2007 he also received a Master degree in "International Trade" organized by Roma Tre University. Moreover, he attended many specialization courses and summer schools in econometrics. He is Editor in Chief since January 2015 for Management and Administrative Sciences Review (ISSN: 2308-1368) and editorial board member for many international journals such as: Business Systems Review, Euro-Asian Journal of Economics and Finance, The International Journal of Economics and Business, International Journal of Economics, International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences etc…

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