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Placement and Internship Office

UNINT has more than 1,000 internship agreements in place with public and private sector entities in Italy and abroad.

According to the latest surveys conducted by the AlmaLaurea inter-university consortium, 76.9% of master's degree graduates have completed an internship as part of their course of study (Bachelor's or Master's degree). 
(AlmaLaurea 2023 - Graduates' profile)

This accomplishment is made possible through continuous updates of educational programmes in alignment with the demands of the professional landscape. Additionally, the University's dedicated placement and internship office plays a vital role as the primary facilitator for both curricular and extracurricular internships. Thanks to this focus, UNINT is now among the top 15 universities in Italy and second in Lazio region in terms of employment rate five years after graduation, at 93.1%  (AlmaLaurea 2023 - Employment status).



The Placement and Internship Office consistently strives to connect the educational programmes offered by the University with the most promising job opportunities. This is achieved through a robust information service catering to students and graduates, as well as personalised guidance to facilitate the integration of the University and corporate sectors. It also offers students a newsletter service with job and internship alerts.


Students and graduates


Information and orientation services

The Placement and Internship Office offers a free inbound and outbound information service to help match job supply and demand by posting job and internship advertisements on the web. Free guidance is also offered to UNINT students and graduates for curricular and extracurricular internships and job opportunities.

Writing a CV

Crafting a compelling and up-to-date professional CV is essential in capturing the attention of companies within our database. It serves as the first step towards entering the workforce quickly and successfully. The Placement and Internship Office also organises regular CV writing sessions.



Job and internship board

Announcements for UNINT students and graduates


Meet the Placement and Internship office

Book a careers advice interview





UNINT actively participates in a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the role of career advice and support services, thereby fostering the growth and efficacy of university placement programs in order to enhance employment opportunities and improve overall employability. To access the service, sign up and provide the details of your company, entity, or organisation. You must also consent to the processing of your personal data and the terms and conditions of use relating to the data to which you are requesting access. Once a company becomes accredited with our placement services, it gains full access and autonomy to use the comprehensive range of services provided by the University. This includes the ability to explore our extensive database of graduates and students, as well as post job opportunities for potential positions that need to be filled.
To request accreditation:
1.  Complete the form via the following link to request access to the service. During the registration process, you must provide a valid email address to which credentials and instructions on how to use the service will be sent.
2.    Access the database through the “SEARCH” link on this page
3.    Set selection criteria and download selected CVs
4.    Once the allocated ceiling has been reached, you can request new CVs by clicking on the “ASSISTANCE” link.

You can use the the free research, to access lists of students and graduates anonymously. However, we recommend getting accredited as soon as possible to make the best use of our online tools and receive maximum cooperation from our staff. If you have credentials, you can access the CV search service by logging in to the service. For more info and clarification please contact our office, or visit the FAQ section for companies.


Recruiting Events

Every year, the university organises Career Days with the aim of helping UNINT students and graduates who are seeking employment and companies that are looking for specialised professional profiles.

Career Days encourage companies and young job seekers to meet in a familiar, informal setting at the university through job interviews.

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