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Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - UNINT enjoys recognised national and international prestige. This prestige is evidenced by membership of numerous networks and associations, certifications obtained by the University and collaborations with internationally recognised institutions.


Since 2023, UNINT has been part of APEnet, the Italian Association of Universities and Research Institutions for Public Engagement, whose principles it shares in the Manifesto for the Public Value of Knowledge. The association's main goals include promoting and enhancing a culture of public engagement and recognising the role of universities in promoting and enhancing the culture and experiences of public engagement.

UNINT is a member of the AACSB - Business Education Alliance and has started the accreditation process for its undergraduate courses in the area of economics and business.

Starting in the 2022-23 academic year, the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT) is offering students the opportunity to achieve a CAMBRIDGE international certificate in the English language, in cooperation with the Globally Speaking Examination Centre.

The UNINT University Language Center is the venue for examinations for the International Certification of Portuguese as a Foreign Language CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação do Português Língua Estrangeira).

UNINT also organises preparation courses for these exams.

The UNINT Faculty of Interpreting and Translation is among the three Italian members of CIUTI, a prestigious international association of the world's top university faculties for translators and interpreters.

Starting from the 2022-23, the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT) serves as an examination centre for obtaining the DELE International Certification of the Spanish Language. This collaboration is established in partnership with the Instituto Cervantes.

In addition, its master's degree program in Interpreting and Translation (LM-94) is part of the EMT (European Master's in Translation) network of the European Commission, an acknowledgment assigned to university courses that meet high quality standards in translator training.

UNINT bases its vision on the belief that, within a system aimed at delivering quality service, the intersection, knowledge of all processes, and the contribution of each party involved to the end result and to the achievement of objectives is fundamental.

The quality management system adopted by the University operates through an architecture that involves numerous actors engaged in various capacities within the quality assurance process to ensure the constant and continuous improvement of the work carried out, periodically setting new goals to be achieved.

As for 2022, UNINT maintenance of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for "Teaching, Training, Research and Third Mission Activities" was confirmed for the year 2023 on 26th January. Certi W S.r.l. issued the certificate of conformity to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, attesting to the correct definition and execution of the processes implemented within the University.

Aware of the university's role as a vehicle of social and sustainable issues, not only within its community but in the entire surrounding area, UNINT is a member of the Network of Universities for Sustainable Development (RUS).

The RUS represents a coordinating network for Italian universities committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Its main objective is to ensure the sharing of good sustainability practices so as to amplify the positive effects in social, ethical and environmental terms of the actions implemented by the network's member universities.

The Faculty of Interpreting and Translation participates in SCIC activities. This participation means that it can both benefit from pedagogical assistance from the European institutions (Parliament and Commission) and participate in the annual SCIC conference, an important event for keeping up to date with the new trends and demands in the field of interpretation.

The UNINT University Language Center is the site of examinations for PLIDA (Progetto lingua italiana Dante Alighieri), certification, an official diploma issued by the Dante Alighieri Society attesting competence in Italian as a foreign language

UNINT is a member of the Union of Mediterranean Universities (UNIMED), the network of higher education and research institutions dedicated to promoting academic cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Western Balkans.

Since the a.y. 2019/2020, the UNINT University Language Center has been the location for examinations for the Сertification of International Russian Language Proficiency ТРКИ-TORFL (The Test of Russian as a foreign language) with the partnership of San Pietroburgo State University, also recognised as a Foreign Language Certifying Body by MIUR

UNINT also organizes preparation courses for the ТРКИ-TORFL certification exams.


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