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International Relations and Mobility Office

The International Relations and Mobility Office (UMRI) deals with the University’s internationalization strategies, including the creation and management of exchange programmes for students, academic staff, and technical and administrative staff (within and outside the Erasmus+ Programme), the planning of international events, and the hosting of representatives from partner Universities and Institutes. The main objective of the Office is to expand the international network of contacts and partnerships, within and outside the European Union, in order to enable and implement the international aspirations of the University. Students are the focal point of the whole project. Living in an increasingly globalised word, they are involved in a real academic melting pot enabling them to grow individually and culturally, and to push boundaries, now a necessary skill for excellence in the workplace.

Thanks to the joint work of University staff, UNINT boasts more than 90 international agreements with institutes from more than 30 countries with the aim of promoting a wide range of academic activities, including:

  • Student Mobility;
  • Joint participation in research projects;
  • Joint planning of training and specialisation courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops;
  • Joint participation in European programmes (ERASMUS+);
  • Joint writing and publication of specialised teaching materials;
  • Planning of joint courses.

The Office is composed of two units:

  • EU Mobility Office, dealing with intra-EU mobility;
  • Extra-EU Mobility Office, dealing with extra-EU mobility.

Decree no. 1637 (2021)

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