International Students

Useful information for incoming students


Application procedures for incoming students

Nomination deadlines (to be done by the partner university):

  • 30th June for the first semester/full academic year
  • 15th November for the second semester

Application deadline (to be done by the student):

  • 25th August for the first semester and full academic year
  • 15th December for the second semester


After the official nomination by the home universities, students must ensure that they make their application. Here is a list of documents to be sent!

EU-students must send to erasmus@unint.eu:

  • copy of ID / Passport
  • copy of the European Health Insurance Card
  • provisional LA Before the mobility

Non-EU students must send all the following documents to international@unint.eu:

  • copy of passport and application form
  • provisional LA Before the mobility
  • private health insurance for medical assistance in Italy and VISA

After the application all the Incoming students (EU and non-EU) must register at this link to be enrolled at UNINT.

Please use only Latin alphabet, do not use special characters

You can find all the deadlines to be met in our Fact-sheet.

Before filling in your Learning Agreement and completing your online registration on the Esse3 system, please read carefully the FAQs.

 If you've been nominated for the 1st semester but you want to extend your mobility to the 2nd semester as well, you can find here attached the Extension form to be signed by your Sending Institution


Italian language course for incoming students (6 ECTS)

UNINT offers to all incoming students the possibility to attend a free Italian language course that lasts 36 hours.

The course is available both in the first and in the second semester and it is organized on two different levels (basic and intermediate-advanced levels).

Before the start of the courses, the Professor in charge will arrange an entry test to check your skills in the Italian language and will place you in the group you fit better.


Life at UNINT & Support to the students

Buddy programme

During the application procedure incoming students should indicate if they are interested in having a BUDDY.

Among the possible activities of the Buddy (always at his / her own discretion and without any obligations) they can:

  • provide advice on "how to move" inside and outside the University in order to facilitate faster and more effective integration;
  • help the incoming students to carry out the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the stay in Italy (if needed).


International students can ask for help in order to find accommodation to the housing office. For further information write to servizioalloggi@unint.eu and join the Facebook group Servizio alloggi.

University facilities

All students are provided with free wireless Internet in the University buildings, an UNINT institutional e-mail account and 400 free copies per month on the student's printer.

Each student has free access to all University facilities: cafeteria, restaurant service, library, garden...

ESN (Erasmus Student Network)

It is the biggest students association for International Students made by volunteers. They offer support to the foreign students and organise many activities, trips, sport days. 

Students can join their FB group: ESN Roma Tre, ESN Roma ASE or follow them on IG: esn_roma3, esnromaase

With the ESN card, for a fee of around 10 euros, students can have many discounts (Ryanair, pubs, shops and so on) during their stay abroad.


Bureaucratic procedures

EU students

Students with an EU passport do not need a VISA to enter Italy.

However, if they plan to stay for more than three months, they have to do a document called Iscrizione Anagrafica at the office called Municipio di Residenza (check this link).

Students without an EU passport

Please have a look at the Eu Immigration Portal. Here you can find all the conditions to fulfil and the procedures to follow in order to study in Italy for more than 90 days.

Students without an EU passport have to show proof of certified health insurance coverage in Italy (it is recommended to have a copy certified by the Italian Consulate or by the Embassy in your own country). Otherwise, foreign students may buy a private insurance policy before their arrival in Italy.

Tax Code/Codice fiscale

The Tax Code is an alphanumerical code based on your first name, family name and date and place of birth. It is used by the Italian public administration in order to identify citizens living in Italy.

To open a bank account and to sign a rent agreement, it is necessary to have a Codice Fiscale (Tax Code). You can apply for your Codice Fiscale at the Embassy/Consulate (where you also request the VISA) or you can get it directly in Rome, after your arrival. 


Where can I find a list of the courses?

To have a look at the list of the courses divided by faculty, go on MyUnint.

At this point you can choose the faculty which courses you are interested in.

Once you get to the page of your degree and faculty, go on Insegnamenti e programmi.

Here you have the list of all the courses. Check the ones you are interested in.

Can I attend all the UNINT courses?

You can attend all the UNINT courses (Bachelor’s and Master’s), of course it depends on your skills, faculty and the linguistic competences required by each course. Furthermore, the decision of accepting incoming students may be at the discretion of the professor.

The only courses incoming students cannot attend are Softskills, because those courses are always very busy and we give priority to the students enrolled here.

Laboratories and seminars give ECTS (crediti) but they do not always have a mark, they are just assessed in PASSED or FAILED.

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