Starting from 2015, Erasmus+ has gone beyond Europe, allowing student mobility for studies and staff mobility for teaching or training to be carried out between European and non-European higher education institutions (HEIs). This is called International Credit Mobility (ICM) and implemented under the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA 107). ICM thus supports HEIs in expanding their cooperation beyond European borders and contribute to the internationalization process of European Universities by sending and receiving the best students and staff. Since the introduction of ICM in 2015, thousands of students and staff members have taken part. Every year, HEIs which hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) can apply for funding to implement student and staff mobility with partner HEIs, organisations and businesses from (extra-EU) countries. HEIs whose projects are funded by INDIRE can support students to study abroad for a minimum of three months and up to a maximum of 12 months.

UNINTed World Project (2018-2020) - OPEN

Funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme (KA 107) of the European Union, the UNINTed World project foresees 44 mobility grants to implement student and teaching staff exchanges between Italy and 4 partner Universities in 3 partner countries, i.e. Albania, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. Each grant foresees an individual support to cover living expenses (based on the actual duration of the exchange period abroad) plus a contribution of varying amount depending on the destination to cover the travel costs. For more information check the Brochure.

Brochure UNINTed World Project (2018/2020)

UNINT World Project (2015-2017) - CLOSED

Funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme (KA 107) of the European Union, the UNINT World project funded 65 international mobility scholarships (incoming and outgoing) for semester-long study periods abroad in Italy, Canada, Morocco, Taiwan , China and Russia, distributed among BA and MA students. The scholarships were assigned in 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 academic years.


Each scholarship, of varying amount depending on the destination, included a contribution to cover the travel costs and living expenses for the whole duration of the stay.

UNINT World Project outcomes