February 8 2024
14:00 - 16:00
Master classroom in presence and in streaming

School of political sciences – Dictatorships and internal conflicts: the Bottai case. In a stubborn and contrary direction

The school of political sciences of the University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT now in its tenth edition, in collaboration with the Research Center GEODI, organizes the event entitled “Dictatorships and internal conflicts: the Bottai case. In an obstinate and contrary direction" which will be held on Thursday 8 February from 14 pm in the master's room and live streaming on Everywhere.

The event is aimed at students enrolled in the School of Political Sciences.

Ciro Sbailò, director of the GEODI Research Center and UNINT teacher

Pino Pisicchio, director of the school of political sciences and UNINT teacher

It intervenes
Angelo Polimeno-Bottai, journalist, author of the book: Mussolini, I'll stop you. Legendary story of Giuseppe Bottai. He chose his homeland and fought the Nazis. Guerini and associate publishers, 2023.