June 27 2024
09:30 - 18:00
main hall

Genre/gender as an interdisciplinary paradigm

The University of International Studies of Rome – UNINT organizes, in collaboration with the CIRCgE Research Center (Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Gender Cultures – UNINT), a research conference entitled "Gender/gender as an interdisciplinary paradigm". The meeting will be held on 27 June 2024 from 9 am in the main hall.


Scientific Committee:

Simonetta Bartolini (Full Professor UNINT), Stefania Cerrito (Associate professor UNINT), Antonella Ercolani (CIRCgE Director and UNINT Full Professor), Najla Kalach (TDa UNINT Researcher), Giada Mainolfi (UNINT Associate Professor), Laura Mori (UNINT Full Professor), Anna Carla Nazzaro (UNINT full professor), Lucilla Pizzoli (UNINT associate professor), Fabio Proia (UNINT researcher), Sara Make up (UNINT full professor).


Organizing Committee:

Antonella Ercolani (CIRCgE Director and UNINT Full Professor), Najla Kalach (TDa UNINT researcher).



9:30 | Institutional greetings


10:00 | Panel I


Giada Mainolfi, CIRCgE board e Associate professor UNINT

Antonella Ercolani, CIRCgE Director and UNINT Full Professor
At the origin of the women's movement. The Seneca Falls Conference and the “Declaration of Sentiments” (1848)

Anna Maria beloved, Researcher University of Naples Federico II
Women's question in Italy between the two wars

Mirela Marta Banach, Research assistant Jagiellonian University, Krakow
Women in Solidarność between inclusion and marginalization

Malgorzata Kiwior-Filo, Associate Professor Jagiellonian University, Krakow
The vote for women: Poland 1918

11 – 45 | Break


12pm | Panel II


Fabio Proia, CIRCgE board e UNINT researcher

It intervenes

Anna Carla Nazzaro, UNINT full professor
Gender discrimination in artificial intelligence

Decius Ripandelli, UNINT teacher
Gender equality and women's empowerment: the role of intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations

Marzia Martino, UNINT teacher
Bias and gender

13pm – 30pm | Break


14pm | Panel III


Maria Serena happy, CIRCgE component e Researcher TDa UNINT

Martina Censes, Researcher at the University of Bergamo
Desire and identity (trans)formations in Rituals of signs and metamorphoses (1994) by Sa'd Allàh Wannùs

najla Kalach, Researcher TDa UNINT
Patriarchy in Qatari literature

Muhammad Abdelkader Kenawi, UNINT teacher
Reading autobiographical texts by Egyptian feminists


15pm | Panel IV


Lucilla Pizzoli, CIRCgE board e Associate professor UNINT

Cristina Benicchi, Associate Professor UNINT
Rebel Voices: Female Language and Identity in Jamaica Kincaid's Novels

Antonella Nicola's, Teacher at Jacopone da Todi Classical High School, Todi
Beyond genres: Irish women in the gaze of Colm Tóibín

Simonetta Bartolini, Full Professor UNINT
Women between "authority" and "power"

16pm – 30pm | Break


16pm | Panel V


Laura Mori, CIRCgE board of directors and UNINT full professor

Presentation of the first volume of CIRCgE notebooks, a care of Antonella Ercolani, Laura Mori, Lucilla Pizzoli (UNINT University Press)

Interventions by the authors of the published contributions


18:00 | Conclusion of work

Antonella Ercolani, CIRCgE Director and UNINT Full Professor



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