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UNINTRAPRENDENZA: the ideas, the projects, the creators



The University is a meeting place where you can learn and express your capabilities, connect with academics and students, and grow harmoniously. On the basis of this principle UNINT decided to give voice to students’ own ideas, since they are the real protagonists of their university experience. The result was the innovative initiative UNINTRAPRENDENZA, an initiative now in its second edition, promoted by the University, which funds educational, cultural, artistic, sport, leisure and social activities, all entirely devised and managed by the students.

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UNINT around Rome 2019/2020

UNINT Speech 2019/2020


UNINTalks 2019/2020


Radio YOUnint

When we said we wanted to give voice to the students and to their ideas, we really meant it! Not without reason, the UNINTRAPRENDENZA ad hoc committee decided to fund a radio project proposed by students who see radio as a passion and a life style. Activities include, but are not limited to, interviews, in-depth analysis, and studies, as well as comments on news and moments of humour.

UNINT around Rome

The aim of the project is to visit the eternal city, focusing on distinctive aspects related to the linguistic and cultural realities presented at university. The itinerant meetings revealing a multicultural Rome are open to UNINT and Erasmus students, academic staff, and technical and administrative staff. These meetings promote the development of relationships and productive interaction among people who live in and animate the University community.


The initiative aims at building a bridge between students and Made in Italy businesses, organising a conference looking at management-related topics in fashion design and luxury goods in general. The project team will also organise a fashion show, inviting emerging designers, to take place at UNINT University at the end of the academic year. Not only will the initiative provide a moment of collective leisure for the UNINT community, but it will also allow the team to test themselves against the strategic challenges in organizing and publicizing an event of this kind.

UNINTalks 2018/2019

The project consists of a series of conferences and talks related to the interpreting and translation environment, with leading experts in the field who will share their own professional experience with the students. Topics of the meetings will include: fiscal management in planning professional activity; marketing as the deployment of services; the development of a brand and a customer base via the management of social platforms and a presence on the web; the identification of a target clientele and customer-loyalty programmes, and the role of the cultural mediator in migration, hospital, legal, and television contexts. The project will end with an event involving translation and interpreting companies and agencies.

Made in UNINT

The aim of the project is to create a workshop, a place of dialogue and discussion between students, in order to stimulate their initiative and entrepreneurship and facilitate the real encounter between students and the business world. The workshop will be a place of creative experimentation of ideas and projects, and will aim at creating tangible businesses designed and built up by the students.


The project aims at giving students the opportunity to play the role of orators or simultaneous or dialogic interpreters during mock-conferences in a realistic dimension.



The purpose of this initiative is to organise a series of conferences with leading guests at national and international level, particularly in the field of international relations. The name of the project, UNINTalks, comes from the brainstorming of the members of the group, who wish to underline the relationship existing between their ideas and the University. As one of the students who created the project puts it: “UNINTRAPRENDENZA was a great catalyst for the ideas that have been swirling around in our head for some time, and we would never have succeeded without the constant support and encouragement of our teachers”. 


Sport can connect and help promote relationships within the community. The creator of this project, delighted to connect her passion for sport with university life, says that UNINT SPORTS DAY is an “opportunity to spend time together, live the university experience, and both create and strengthen interpersonal relationships. I realised there was something missing from my university life and I wanted to know what it was, and why it was missing. UNINT gave me the chance to do something about it. Do you know any other organization that turns your proposals into reality and funds them into the bargain? There have been organisational problems I may have underestimated, but the support of the university staff and the positive feedback from colleagues encourage me to keep at it”.