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The Faculty of Economics of Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – UNINT is pleased to inaugurate #UNINTERVISTACON, a cycle of webinars designed as interviews between University professors and invited experts. The initiative aims at providing students with seminars held by representatives of the business world and institutions, in addition to traditional classes.

Participation in the webinars is free and open to students, parents, academic staff and to all those who are interested. Webinars have a maximum duration of one hour and are transmitted in live streaming through the Microsoft Teams platform. Participants are provided with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with speakers.

UNINT is aware of the decisive impact that the University, as an educational and research institution, can have on the development of the territory. For this reason, the webinars are not limited to the scientific community, but address as well a non-academic audience. In fact, the cycle is part of the institutional activities with which the University enters into direct interaction with society, through the enhancement and transfer of knowledge. The aim is to increase openness to the socio-economic context, and contribute to the achievement of the UNINT Third Mission objectives.

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