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INNIT is a linguistic and cultural exchange platform connecting students of English at the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT) with students of Italian at the University of Warwick, and creating an Interlinguistic and intercultural environment.

INNIT is for students, by students. You are encouraged to share opinions, resources, and materials and offer constructive feedback to other learners.

All students from UNINT and the University of Warwick can sign up on this link All enrolled students have their own university email address, made up of the esse3 username + @studenti.unint.eu (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Requests from personal email addresses will not be accepted.

The platform is composed of the following categories:


In this section you will find news in Italian and English of events of various events taking place at the University of Warwick or UNINT. Feel free to comment on a news item or to post your own items. These can include newspaper articles and YouTube videos or TED Talks, to mention just a few. You can accompany the post with your own opinions. Please note that posts and comments are moderated to ensure a friendly and supportive environment. Our aim is to promote constructive discussion and we have zero tolerance for hate speech or harassment.


In this section you will find English to Italian and Italian to English translations and their source texts. Feel free to post your own translations by using the dedicated form, or to comment on someone else’s translations. It is recommended to write a brief introduction of your translation, followed by possible doubts, questions, feedback request, etc.


In this section you can ask a question on Italian or English grammar, and/or answer someone else’s questions. You are welcome to browse previous questions and answers, and add your contribution to the existing threads. The aim of this section is to foster language awareness and practise Italian or English with a native speaker. Feel free to use this space to exchange contacts (email and/or Skype) with another language learner from Warwick or UNINT.


In this section you can listen to Italian or English podcasts created by teachers and students and/or available on the Internet. Feel free to post your own podcasts and to comment on someone else’s.


In this section you can share with other students your own ideas and resources on the drafting of your dissertation, or ask for advice on research for an essay.