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Counselling Services

(approved by the Academic Senate on 05 November 2019, minutes no. 133 and by the Board of Directors on 06 November 2019, minutes no.106)

The University is a fundamental place for the cultural, social and psychological growth of its students. In fact, in addition to the transfer of knowledge, the University must encourage the development of abstract, creative and problem solving skills, useful to the overall social development of its students and their acquisition of job skills. Thus, it is really important for UNINT and its Disability Research Centre to support students in the development of their identity and subjectivity through active and constant listening, aiming at facilitating their study and the construction of their social personality. Dialogue and sharing are tools that promote the well-being of students and can prevent youth discomfort. Counselling Services can therefore act in different areas:

  • Learning area: preventing and copying with learning difficulties, demotivation and students’ difficulties in planning objectives;
  • Relational area: supporting students in case of discomfort in relationships with teachers and peers;
  • Personal area: providing advice and guidance in case of individual emotional, family and social distress;
  • Professional area: providing support in the construction of students’ working personality by improving their individual skills and supporting them in the choice of specific post-graduate training courses.


The main objective of the Counselling Office is to offer advice to students and to support them during their growth. It represents, therefore, an important tool for the prevention of emotional and relational difficulties in the youth. The main activities of the Office consist of:

  • Providing a welcoming and listening space where students can express themselves;
  • Encouraging a proper planning of their personal learning goals by providing guidance on effective study methods;
  • Promoting dialogue between academic staff and students;
  • Identifying relational and behavioral difficulties, and any problematic situations;
  • Promote the psycho-social well-being of the University community.

Structure of the Counselling Office

The Office is coordinated by Dr. Alessandro Frolli. It organizes:

  • Individual interviews with the students upon their specific request (these interviews do not have a therapeutic value but represent an important moment of sharing and listening);
  • Individual and group interviews with academic staff, to discuss and share effective educational and teaching strategies;
  • Information meetings on socially relevant issues (such as social media, bullying, cyberbullying, deviant behavior, specific learning disorders);
  • Anonymous questionnaires and interviews to detect specific disorders and assess the general state of well-being.

Contacts and hours

The Office is open on Tuesdays from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm and on Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm. E-mail: drc@unint.eu | Tel: 06.510.777.209.

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