Following the achievement of the degree by the students, the University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT takes care of issuing the relevant parchments.  

Each student can collect their parchment in the ways described below.

Collecting your graduation certificate

It is possible to collect the degree parchment from the student secretariat following notification via e-mail of the possibility of collection. For master's graduates it is also possible to collect the parchment at the delivery ceremonies organized following each graduation session.

Collecting your certificate from the Student's office

It is possible to collect the degree parchment from the student secretariat, by accessing it first appointment.

For collection, you must deliver:

  • the degree parchment collection form available at the bottom, duly completed and signed;
  • n°1 16 euro revenue stamp (to be placed on the parchment and not on the form);
  • in the case of delegation, both the signed proxy and the identity document of the delegating party.


Please remember that the certification of the title obtained does not take place through the parchment, but through the degree certificate.

Master's degree certificate delivery ceremony

The University organizes a ceremony for the delivery of the relevant parchments after each master's degree session.     

Master's graduates are invited to participate in the ceremony scheduled for each session. For the purposes of participation, graduates must pay the MAV called "Duty stamp for issuing certificates/degree parchment" worth 16 euros which they will find in the reserved area of ​​the portal Once you have paid the MAV, you will need to print the receipt and bring it with you on the day of the ceremony, together with the duly completed and signed collection form available at the bottom.

Further information on the individual delivery ceremonies will be communicated via email to participants.