Lesson delivery methods

The teaching delivery of the courses at the University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT is characterized by a strong technological approach. You can follow the in-person and live streaming lessons Platform Everywhere or FAD mode (distance learning), for autonomous management of learning times and spaces by the student. Furthermore, new freshmen are provided with a META viewer to access virtual and augmented reality laboratories and train for professions.

Live streaming

To follow the lessons in live streaming, simply connect to the platform Everywhere, log in with your credentials and access the course you are interested in. Once logged in, you can also view the guide for using the platform in the "tutorial" box Everywhere and the Zoom application.

Each course has its own virtual classroom, from which it will be possible to access the material (audio, video, presentations, etc.) uploaded by the teacher in charge of the course and participate in the live streaming sessions of the lessons. 

There are also advanced tools that allow interaction, such as chat, forums and shared whiteboard. 

Distance learning

In order to facilitate student-workers and encourage distance students, personalize the approach to teaching, guarantee a widespread, flexible and accessible university system, part of the teaching is provided in FAD mode (distance learning) via the platform e-train. The courses are placed on the platform and the student can examine them according to their time and space possibilities. The availability of teachers, as well as the presence of tutors, facilitates the dynamics of distance learning.