Standalone modules

Signing up for and attending standalone modules allow enrich or complete the training course  and is recommended for:

  • people interested in cultural updating and the integration of their skills;
  • graduates who want to gain credit for exams and credits useful for admission to competitions or specialization schools;
  • students who have not managed to enroll in a subsequent cycle of university studies within the established deadlines.


To enroll in single courses offered at the University, candidates:

  • they must meet the requirements for enrollment in the bachelor's or master's degree course within which the course in which they intend to enroll is provided;
  • they must meet any requirements for access to each course, in full compliance with the preparatory requirements established by the course of study.


As a rule, registration for courses must take place by the start date of each course or once the course has started, provided that the number of hours of lessons already completed does not exceed one third of the scheduled hours.

In particular cases, the director of the department, having consulted the president of the bachelor's or master's degree course in the context of which the course is provided, the course teacher and the administrative management, may allow exceptions to this general rule with individual study methods to be part of the candidate that allow the recovery of lost hours.

However, registration must take place in good time so that the candidate can actually benefit from the course, carry out the planned activities and adequately prepare for the end-of-course exam.

The application for enrollment in single courses for Italian and/or foreign citizens must be submitted to the student secretariat, together with the receipt of the course enrollment fee.

Enrollment in single courses will in any case be subject to the assessment of the availability of the university facilities carried out during the annual access planning.

Those enrolled in individual courses can take the relevant exams on the occasion of the scheduled exam sessions, no later than the conclusion of the last exam session of the academic year of enrollment, and can obtain, upon request, a certificate of the courses attended, of the exams incurred and credits acquired.

The credits acquired can be recognized and validated if the interested party subsequently enrolls in a bachelor's or master's degree course.

The maximum number of credits that can be acquired with one or more enrollments in single courses, even in different academic years, cannot exceed 30.

The cost of the fee is €60,00 for each training credit.