School of Political Sciences – 2018/2019 Edition

Program 2018/2019

Seventy years after the entry into force of the Constitution, the School of Political Science of the University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT proposes a survey of some aspects of the constitutional text, to reread the articles in the light of the changed social context and the new horizon geopolitical nature of the country, within the framework of shared values ​​and in coherence with the democratic "project" contained in the Fundamental Charter of the Republic.
The "conversations" make use of speakers from the academic world, institutions, high state judiciaries and culture and will analyze the constitutional paths starting from current events. The speakers from the institutional political world, called to give lessons as part of the cycle, all hold institutional roles and tend to represent the range of political cultures present in Parliament.
The topics covered in the interviews will be:

  • Parliament: from legislator to controller;
  • the equality of constituents and the gender issue today;
  • the President of the Republic between formal Constitution and practice Migrations and citizenship;
  • Europe in the Constitution;
  • minorities in the Constitution;
  • the art. 81 and budget balance The rules of the game: electoral laws and the Constitution;
  • the criminal process in the Constitution;
  • majority and opposition in the Constitution;
  • the control and jurisdiction of the Court of Auditors;
  • article 21 of the Constitution in the era of digital communication;
  • local authorities: from administrative decentralization to federalism.