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(Approved by the Academic Senate on November 5th, 2019, Minutes no. 133 and by the Board of Directors’ meeting on November 6th, 2019, Minutes no. 106)

The university represents a privileged place of cultural, social and psychological growth for its learners. In addition to the conveyance of knowledge, in fact, academia must foster the development of abstract, creative and problem solving skills useful for the overall social development of the person and the acquisition of job skills. It becomes, therefore, relevant for UNINT and its DRC Research Center to support the development of identity and subjectivity through active and constant listening to the individual in order to smooth the course of study and the development of the learners' social personality. Specifically, dialogue and sharing are tools that promote learners' well-being and can prevent youth distress. A counselling service can act on several areas:

  • learning: the service will act from the perspective of prevention and help to overcome learning difficulties, demotivation and failed expectations and challenging goal planning;
  • relational: the service will provide support in situations of distress in relationships with teachers and peers;
  • personal: the service will be able to provide advice and insights in cases of individual emotional, family and social hardship;
  • professional identity: the service will provide support in building one's working personality by enhancing individual skills and supporting the choice of specific postgraduate educational paths.


The main objective of the service is to offer counselling to young people to support them as they grow. It represents, therefore, a listening opportunity for the prevention of emotional and relational problems of learners. Specifically, the actions of the Counselling service will be focused in the following areas:

  • offering a welcoming and listening place for self-expression;
  • promoting proper planning of personal educational goals by providing guidance on effective study methods;
  • promoting dialogue between teachers and learners;
  • identifying relational and behavioral difficulties, and any problematic situations;
  • promoting the psycho-social well-being of the university community.


The service, coordinated by Alessandro Frolli, is managed and located in a space identified by the university in which they will be able to organise:

  • individual interviews with the youths upon specific request (these interviews will not have a therapeutic value but will represent a time for conversation and listening);
  • individual and group interviews with lecturers, a space dedicated to discussing and sharing effective educational and teaching strategies;
  • informative meetings on socially relevant issues (such as social media, bullying, cyberbullying, deviant behavior, specific learning disorders);
  • questionnaires and interviews (anonymous) to detect specific disorders and assess general well-being.

Hours and contacts

The Counselling service is active on Tuesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the following addresses: e-mail: | Tel (+39) 06.510.777.209.



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