How to enrol

Enrolment procedures are common to all degree programmes.

Do you have an Italian diploma or degree?

Here are the steps to sign up for the 1st year:

  1. After making sure you meet the requirements for the specific programme you are interested in, register for MyUNINT Services and follow the procedure to select your course of study, complete the enrolment application and download the pre-printed payment slip;
  2. Use the pre-printed payment slip to pay the first tuition instalment;
  3. If you have already completed university coursework (whether graduating or withdrawing from a university programme) and want to apply for an abbreviated course of study, proceed as follows:
    • for the Faculty of Economics, you can complete a pre-approval request and, if interested in enroling, submit the exam credit validation form;
    • For the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation, download the exam credit validation form here;
    • For the Faculty of Political Science, download the exam credit validation form here.
  4. Submit the following documents to the Student Secretariat:
    • enrolment application;
    • self-certification or copy of your secondary education diploma (required by current local legislation);
    • 2 identical and recent photographs (passport-size);
    • front-and-back photocopy of a valid ID;
    • photocopy of your Italian social security number;
    • non-EU citizens are required to show an original valid residence permit;
    • receipt of payment of the tuition fee or the first tuition instalment (if choosing to divide the tuition payment into three instalments);
    • receipt of payment of the € 140. regional student tax. A copy of the receipt of payment must be turned in to the University Di.S.U. Office if you are competing for a Lazio Regional scholarship;
    • exam credit validation form, if you have attended university previously.


Are you non-Italian/non-EU or do you have a diploma or degree from abroad?

  1. From April to July, non-EU foreign nationals must submit a request to the Italian Representation in their country of residence for pre-enrolment in the selected course (procedures and places available are established by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research - MIUR).
  2. All foreign nationals must apply to the Italian Representation of their country of residence for a Declaration of Value of their qualifications, which authenticates and validates their study certificates.
  3. Foreign nationals must pass an Italian language exam (except for those students who hold an Italian Language Certification approved by the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research).
  4. Once they have passed the test, foreign students can enrol in the chosen degree course following the same procedures for Italian students.

For the foreign education diploma recognition procedure, consult the specific information.

Are you already in possession of a bachelor’s or other university degree? You must know that under the Ministerial Decree No 270/2004, the University can recognise university degree credit (ECTS). In order to obtain credit recognition, you must make a request at the same time as your enrolment application. The relevant teaching authority will decide on its merit and may also enrol you in the next year of a course of study. You cannot use the abbreviated course of study option if you only have a three-year degree and you want to enrol in a master's degree programme.

To enrol after the first year, consult the tuition fees and download the pre-printed payment slip online for the payment of the 1st tuition instalment and for the regional contribution to the Lazio DiSCo scholarship.

It is prohibited to simultaneously enrol in multiple courses, research fellowships, I and II level Masters programmes and specialization courses or any higher education courses at Italian or foreign universities (or university-level and equivalent institutes).