“All my girls.” Unpublished in Italy, Francis Scott Fitzgerald's youthful diary and two of his first stories are released

One of the works that best allows us to discover the world and origins of the literary style of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, author of novels such as "The Great Gatsby" and Night"
"All My Girls: The Youth Diary and Other Unpublished" shows the taste for storytelling already present in Scott Fitzgerald in his adolescence and reveals his undeniable talent. His diary, which began in the summer of 1910 when he was just under fourteen and ended seven months later, reports with vivid immediacy and subtle humor his sentimental adventures, friendships, misunderstandings, spites, games and adventures. lived in those years in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he lived with his parents, allowing us to penetrate the creative dawn of an undisputed master of fiction of the last century. 
In this precious volume the translation is accompanied by pages of the diary reproduced from the original autograph, a translation which, as Fabrizio Bagatti who edited it writes, "faithfully follows the original with the graphic characteristics of the manuscript but also with the spelling inaccuracies that , especially in the names of people or places, have been faithfully respected".
Published by the UNINT University Press publishing house founded by the University of International Studies of Rome, and whose editorial choices are made by a Committee coordinated by Simonetta Bartolini, the volume also includes two little-known stories, also written in the years of adolescence and so far unpublished for the Italian public. The first, "The Mystery of the Raymond Mortgage" was published when Scott Fitzgerald was only 13 years old, the second, "On the trail of the Duke" when he was 16. To complete the work, a very interesting, and also unpublished in Italy, autobiographical profile written for the Saturday Evening Post of 14 September 1920, just six days before Scott Fitzgerald's 24th birthday, which begins like this: "The story of my life is the story of the struggle between an irrepressible desire to write and a series of circumstances that wanted to prevent me from doing so."

Francis Scott Fitzgerald, All my girls, subtitle “The youth diary and other unpublished works” (UNINT, 96 pages, 12 euros; preface by Massimo Vizzaccaro).