Hundreds of Ukrainians, adults and children, at the University to learn Italian for free

Children will learn Italian by playing and having fun, adults in university classrooms. And all for free, with teachers of the highest level. An initiative that concretely responds to one of the essential needs of Ukrainian refugees in our country starts on Friday 10 June at the University of International Studies of Rome - UNINT.
Completely free Italian courses for Ukrainians will be held on the university campus every Friday and Saturday in June and July, so as to allow the inclusion in the national fabric of those, adults or minors, who have had to flee from the bloody war that is devastating the country. . The courses will be held by qualified teachers specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners, who will also be supported by cultural mediators. There are 242 people registered: 167 adults, the vast majority of whom are women since the men remained to fight the war, 75 children and adolescents. It was necessary to close registrations in a few days, because the number would otherwise have become too large, but this initiative could push other universities in Italy to follow in its footsteps.
And in recent days, hundreds of board games and toys and as many children's books have been donated to the university, so as to allow the little ones to learn the language while having fun in the university campus park, where teaching activities will be held fun for the little ones.
The vice-president of the university, Fabio Bisogni, highlights how it is fundamental, with respect to the plight of the Ukrainian refugees, "not to stop at compassion but to take action: perceiving their suffering pushes us to intercept and satisfy their needs. And in the first place there is the need for communication and dialogue to create closeness, closeness and integration. And this beautiful project was born precisely from this."
“It is an initiative” explains the dean of the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation, Mariagrazia Russo, “which was born spontaneously and which found enthusiastic responses from the administration, permanent and contract teachers, the technical staff and dozens and dozens of students. Creating bridges between cultures is part of our university mission, and this is our concrete response to the drama of a war that is upsetting the planet."
The meetings will take place from 10 June until the end of July, every Friday afternoon from 17pm to 20pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 13pm.