Daniele Alesani

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http://przedszkoleelf.pl/pdf/max/tadalafil-oder-viagra-77.html tadalafil oder viagra MANAGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND NGOs


Orario di ricevimento

Nei giorni di lezione – orario da comunicare 


Eventuale altro tipo di attività

Management Specialist, International Atomic Energy Agency (autorizzazione richiesta all’ente di appartenenza)


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Attività di ricerca

Sistemi e principi di management nelle istituzioni internazionali; sistemi contabili e di reportistica finanziaria nel settore pubblico; gestione del cambiamento organizzativo e gestione delle risorse umane nel settore pubblico


Principali pubblicazioni

  • http://leblancpediatrics.com/public/topic/viagra-gehirnzellen-11.pdf viagra gehirnzellen Books 

    ·   Alesani D., Missoni E. (2014) Management of International Institutions and NGOs. Frameworks, practices and challenges, Routledge, London; ISBN 1134580185, 9781134580187


    viagra bestellen schweiz Articles in academic journals 

    ·   Alesani D. (2012) ‘Rethinking Budgeting as a continuous process’, Public Administration Review, Vol. 72 (6), pp. 885-886 

    ·   AlesaniD., SteccoliniI., Jensen G. (2012) ‘IPSAS adoption by the world food programme: an application of the contingency model to intergovernmental organizations’, International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management (IJPSPM), Vol.2, No.1, pp.61 - 80 

    ·   AlesaniD., BorgonoviE., Villa S. (2008) ‘Getting Heath reforms Right: What Lessons from an Italian Case’, Health Services Management Research, Vol.21, pp. 131-140 

Breve profilo biografico

Daniele Alesani, Ph.D, MBA, CGAP, CIPFA aff.

Daniele Alesani is ‘Professore a contratto’ at Universita’ degli studi di Roma and Bocconi University, Milan and senior faculty member of SDA Bocconi. He holds an MBA from the University of Geneva and a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Management from University of Parma. He is a Certified Government Audit Professional (CGAP) and an Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. In his professional and academic career he has extensively worked on the main issues related to financial management, change management, organizational development and business process improvement in public sector organizations. He has extensively studied management systems and reforms in Intergovernmental Institutions and NGOs and published a comprehensive monograph on the subject in 2014. Since 2007, Daniele has been collaborating with the United Nations system organizations to support change management projects (IPSAS adoption, ERP customization) and to develop and implement innovative managerial practices and tools. Currently Daniele collaborates with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as Management Specialist advising senior management on change management, continuous improvement of management systems and tools and organizational development initiatives.