Master’s Degrees

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It prepares professionals capable of carrying out advanced managerial or consulting duties within companies operating in the modern digital economy.

It prepares managers and professionals who are able to operate in the high-end sectors of Made in Italy; it particularly deepens the understanding of international development processes towards emerging markets. It is characterised by having 50% of the lessons taught in English. 

It prepares experts in the field of international relations and professionals capable of performing managerial duties within governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). An International faculty and courses taught in English. 

It provides specialised expertise on the development and implementation of marketing strategies based on the use of digital networks and aimed at international markets.

The course prepares professionals with a broad and skilled expertise in international relations and public and institutional communication and with advanced knowledge in the legal, economic, political, linguistic, social and historical fields.

An excellent educational path, which prepares future translators, and conference, parliamentary, and negotiating interpreters. Eight study languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Portuguese and Brazilian, Spanish, Russian and German.

This programme prepares foreign language teachers, linguistic and editorial consultants, people involved in cultural initiatives and international relations experts.