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Made in Italy Research Center - MADEINT

The Administration Council of UNINT established MADEINT (Made in Italy Research Center) within the Faculty of Economics on July 6th, 2015, and it collaborates with the CONFAPI (Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Industry).


MADEINT's goal is to carry out systematic and innovative research on the evolution of the structural and management characteristics of the different sub-categories of the Made-in-Italy, focusing on the SMEs' globalization strategies.

In this perspective, the MADEINT's activities are targeted to national companies working on foreign markets; public and private political decision-makers who promote and protect Italian productions; international and national scientific communities; and all the areas of civil society with an interest and reasonable understanding of the structure and the dynamics of the Made-in-Italy sectors.


MADEINT is behind the publication of a yearly "Report on Made-in-Italy", ad hoc studies and analyses, and management and linguistic consulting services to support the globalization strategies of Italian SMEs.

MADEINT and the Faculty of Economics have a close synergy, especially with the Master's Degree in International Economics and Management - curriculum "Luxury Goods, Made in Italy and Emerging Markets" with the laboratories, Master theses, and learning by doing projects on the dynamics and companies of the typical sectors of Made-in-Italy.

It also promotes and organizes seminars, scientific conventions and meetings with entrepreneurs and managers of prime Italian companies, national and international academicians and experts from public or private institutions.

Researchers, professors from Italian or foreign Universities or institutions, and recognized experts in the scientific areas of MADEINT are invited to join the Research Center. The process can be found in the rules and regulations.

Direction Board

Giovanni Bisogni – President of the UNINT Administration Council
Carmela Pierri – Vice-president of the UNINT Administration Council
Maurizio Casasco – National president of CONFAPI
Massimo Maria Amorosini – Director-General of CONFAPI
Antonio Magliulo – Dean of the Faculty of Economics of UNINT

Scientific Director

Alessandro De Nisco – UNINT Associate Professor of Marketing and Management

Location and Contacts

MADEINT is located in Rome, in via Alessandro Severo n. 52 A.
Phone: (+39) 06 59786417 // 06 59786418 – Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rules and Regulations (In Italian)

Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences (LabSciMat)

UNINT University established a Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences (LabSciMat) under the guidance of Prof. Giandomenico Boffi, full professor of Algebra, whose aim is to promote research in, application and spreading of mathematical science without forgetting its history and origins; and to promote a dialog between mathematics and other sciences and with all faces of human experience. Scholars both from within the University and from other institutions cooperate with the Laboratory.

The Reasons for a Laboratory of Mathematical Sciences
"Mathematical Sciences" - as shown for example by the eponymous center at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom - includes not only mathematics but also statistics, econometrics, computer science etc. and best responds to the vocation of a University such as the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - UNINT.
The term "Laboratory" is not merely a reference to the availability of suitable resources for automatic calculation; rather, it highlights - more than "center" or other similar terms - the idea of ongoing creative work embodied by this initiative within the context of the University.

Research, applications and dissemination, inside and outside of the University
Research and application in certain areas of mathematics, statistics and econometrics in synergy with scientific and university circles in Rome and other locations, addressing industrial research. Special attention to ongoing update of school teachers and innovation in teaching, also addressing the epistemology and history of science.

Dialog with other sciences and with all faces of human experience
First and foremost, dialog with the other sciences cultivated in a university with UNINT University's vocation (economics, law, etc.). Also open to themes such as mathematics and the arts (music, cinema, ...), mathematics and philosophy, science and theology, etc.

The Laboratory email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

List of activities (in Italian)

MYMC 2017 (Roma Tre University - July 2017)

MYMC 2016 (Sapienza Università di Roma - July 2016)

MYMC 2015 (Trieste ICTP - July 2015) 

Mediterranean Youth Mathematical Championship - MYMC (July 2013)

National Academy for the Study of Insurance and Financial Intermediary Security (ANSSAIF)

A Service and Research Center named ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE PER LO STUDIO DELLA SICUREZZA DELLE ASSICURAZIONI ED INTERMEDIARI FINANZIARI - ANSSAIF (National Academy for the Study of Insurance and Financial Intermediary Security) has been set up within the University. The Center acknowledges the complexity and high degree of specialization and interdisciplinarity of the competences required for the fine-tuning and study of new technical and organizational security measures.
The purpose of the Center is to improve the resilience of insurance companies and financial intermediaries by creating and fostering:

  • research and studies on national and international best practices;
  • synergies with enterprises and among enterprises that operate in the supply chain (supply chain security);
  • match between demand and supply of organizational and technical countermeasures, with certification of their effectiveness and quality;
  • raising awareness among citizens, especially students, towards issues concerning the protection of persons, goods and data from the risks of loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability, through:
  • surveys among citizens to gauge their sensitivity to security-related issues, such as risk perception, ability to evaluate means of payment, etc.;
  • teaching courses for students;
  • courses for enterprises;
  • institution and implementation of university Master's degrees;
  • student involvement in research activities with insurance companies and financial intermediaries, with the clear objective of creating awareness among young people by adding knowledge of Security issues to their study courses, whilst also facilitating their approach to the professional world.


Civil Protection and Emergency Academy

UNINT University (Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma) participates in the process of advancement and cultural integration in the country by promoting an international and dynamic study dimension, with the knowledge that university training and research represent a pivotal resource for the country and for its competitiveness in the international scenario.
It is in this spirit that in 2014 UNINT University has created the Civil Protection and Emergency Academy, which is also called Accademia di Protezione Civile e Gestione delle Emergenze.
The Academy is a centre of information, training and research that aims at being a joining link among local authorities, research organizations, professional associations, institutions and specialists that are involved in civil protection and emergency management. 
The first objective the Academy wants to achieve is to provide people with useful tools to contain or, even better, prevent the outbreak of catastrophic natural or human events that are ascribable to:
  • Seismic risks;
  • Hydrogeological risks;
  • CBRNe risks (chemical-biological-radiological-nuclear-explosive risks);
  • Risks of terroristic attacks;
  • Weather risks;
  • Volcanic risks;
  • Fire hazards.
Within this framework, the Academy is a structured institution that carries out:
  1. Information activities, such as:
  • collecting information regarding the most significant scientific and cultural initiatives about civil protection and emergency management concerns and issues;
  • drawing up an independent periodic report about the state of the art of all the initiatives carried out by research organizations and institutions in their respective spheres of reference (the fire brigade, the Italian Red Cross, etc.);
  • organizing an annual conference of leading experts in the field in order to discuss the most relevant issues of general interest;
  • disseminating the news relating to civil protection and emergency management through the Academy’s channels of communication, the first of which is the dedicated website,
  1. Research activities, such as:
  • analyzing the best practices the authorities have been carried out at a local, regional, national and international level.
  1. Training activities, also in e-learning mode:
  • seminars whose aim is to train specialist staff with expertise in Municipal Emergency Plans;
  • writing and delivering technical material and operational manuals in support of exercises and field tests in places that are supposed to be particularly critical for the outbreak of catastrophic events;
  • courses on safety at the workplace and courses on emergency management and first aid.



CRINTeP – Research Center on New Technologies and Payment processes is the Research Center of the University of International Studies of Rome (UNINT), which was founded with the sponsorship of the Associazione Italiana Istituti di Pagamento e di Moneta Elettronica (Italian Association of Payment Institutions and E-Money) and is dedicated to research on innovative and state-of-the-art payment methods.

It was founded in 2013 to promote and develop studies and projects on technological and organizational innovation in the financial sector. It uses the cultural heritage and the experience of its members to contribute to the development and the circulation of the alternative payment methods, favoring the extension of similar organs in other European or non-European countries.

The Center focuses its attention on the study phases, analyses and monitoring of the new trends on the market and on the effects of the new technologies on operative and decisional processes. It is a convergence center for public and private companies, favoring the development of an interesting mix of experiences, ideas, projects and strategic vision.

The center is open to international collaborations, and studies the initiatives of the EU on the subject of new technologies and payment processes.

The bodies of the center are: the directive committee, the scientific committee and the technical commissions. The Directive Committee unites experts and representatives of the main companies of the sector. The Scientific Committee is made of famous personalities on a financial and institutional level. It evaluates the initiatives and the research activity promoted by the center. The Technical Commissions are made of experts in Payment who actively work with the C.Ri.N.T.eP. Their primary objective is to focus on single initiatives or problems and find the best solutions.

The activities of the C.Ri.N.T.eP. are the following:

  • Studies and research on the main financial subjects and on the role of organizational and technological innovation in banking activities;
  • International practices and experiences transfer, participation in European research projects;
  • Creating observatories;
  • Organizing themed workshops;
  • Educational interventions on technology and information in financial institutions;
  • Scientific and information publications.